3 Universal Healing Influences to Master Your Life Force Energy

three universal healing influences to master your life force energy C 9102 1100 580wAs you move forward to realize your most fulfilling life and abundant health, accessing your untapped potential for healing is extremely important.

It could be said that there are three main ways to influence your life and cultivate a wellbeing that adds decades to your life, slowing or even stopping the aging process.

These three ways represent the three universes, the: Source, Nonphysical, and Physical. We're going to introduce these ways to help you master your energy, so you can live fully and purposefully.

The Physical Universe represents using your mind to reprogram your thoughts, so you can refocus your mental and emotional energies to manifest the most abundant life. We call this soul-based living, because ideally it's aligning your emotions and thoughts with your soul's true loving perspective. When this happens, an untapped potential is released.

The Nonphysical Universe represents focusing psychic or universal energy, because it is within every point in the universe, accessible to every human being, all the time. This energy can be directed for healing, but on a basic level it’s used to change reality, directed by your thoughts and emotions. The mastery of psychic energy requires a mastery of your four psychic abilities, simply known as intuitive seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing.

These nonphysical senses are much more valuable to use than just perceiving. They are also used for focusing and channeling energy in a particular way to produce a result, and so psychic energy is greatly involved in manifesting your purpose and dreams, as well as perfect health.

The Source Universe, or in other words the God realm, is from which everything came and to which everything returns, however this vibration also is everything and is within everything (the Universal Laws of Oneness and Individuality can be greatly experienced with the Source Universe). The power of this universe lies in cultivating your own relationship with the Source or the name you call this higher power. Because channeling spiritual energy is asked for by us, a soul in human form, but it is brought to us by our higher power.

This call and response has been referred to as a miracle healing or miracle moment, because the degree of influence on our reality, when spiritual energy is involved of the highest spirit and Source, is without boundaries. The great Source of All Divinity knows the highest benefit of a situation and when the ‘miracle’ energy is to be shared with us.

Therefore, spiritual healings are not as common as one believes, as they are granted by the Source, by Divinity, and simply requested by us. The path to anchoring a more powerful request, and a more open ability to channel that response when it is given by the Source, is cultivating a true oneness with the Divine.

These three universes and our capacity to capture the potential they hold in connection to our lives and purposes is provided in our three certifications Five Accomplishments® Coaching, Psychic Retrieval® and Voice Channeling®, where the sole purpose of these techniques is to unleash and ground that power within us all.

This journey of mastery and discovery is a journey of one's life, a journey that we are all on. The difference then is the ease and pace at which one may move forward in embracing and capturing their greatest potential. New Three® University programs are designed to provide you a blueprint for this journey and path ahead.

New Three® University Training to capture your unlimited potential: Five Accomplishments® Coaching, Psychic Retrieval® and Voice Channeling®

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