Receive the Initiation of the Soul with this Collection of Divinely Communicated Books
Through Visionary Channel Jason Nelson

This series of books is being written through Jason from God-The Source using the process of channeled writing. It is recommended for you to purchase them together and read them in the order listed on this page to support your greatest clarity and evolution.

Age of the Soul is an overview of where humanity is and where we are going. It shows us how to get reacquainted with our spiritual nature by opening intuition, communicating with spiritual guidance, healing and manifesting our soul's fullest potential. Topics include the vision for this University, soul-based living and soul-based healing.

Empower Our Children fully expands on topics from the Age of the Soul, as well as exploring new approaches for adults to heal their own inner child and become the best role model for empowering children and the world.
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Bringing the Books into Being

Jason says, "I sit down with my laptop, my fingers on the keys, and I begin to get an impression of the first few words to write. I start typing and the words flow through me, as I type as fast as I can. This process is known as Channeled Writing or Automatic Writing. The spiritual being that communicates the books through me is a Source being. We use the word God in the book for this Source being, whose writing style combines a direct, strong voice with a loving, unconditionally accepting energy. Many readers appreciate this succinct instruction to soul-based living."

The Reading Experience . . .

As you read these books, the experience is God-The Source speaking directly to you. You receive your own relationship and dialogue with the Creator to nurture during and after reading the books.

Age of the Soul

books aots 3d age of the soul jason nelson

Age of the Soul: A New Way of Living from Your Soul

You Are Being Invited to Live from Your Soul

Direct passages from the book with God speaking directly to you:

"An engagement is happening that you, as a soul, agreed to at this time. This agreement is your participation in the evolution of Earth's consciousness. The perspective of Earth has been unclear or colored for so long that you doubt the ability of God to live amongst you. I have always been with you, and in this Age of the Soul, you will experience my presence more than ever.

The Age of the Soul simply means that every individual at this time in history has a unique opportunity to understand, connect and live from their soul. Living from the soul means that you will be living from clear love, the expression of your soul; whereas, the personality has experienced unclear love. When the personality and soul align, you will have an experience beyond your imagination. It is called the Initiation of the Soul.

In the Age of the Soul, this next one thousand years, you will find more people removing things from their lives that are not in alignment with their soul's love. You may always go to the soul to know love. It is required to know the soul in order to know God." -Age of the Soul, Channeled Writing by Jason Nelson


  • Five Accomplishments,
  • Becoming One with Your Soul,
  • Channeling Spiritual Guidance,
  • Intuitive Senses,
  • Healing,
  • New Generations of Children,
  • Chosen Ones,
  • Sacred Teachings,
  • Walk with Source,
  • Unconditional Love,
  • Visions,
  • Dreams,
  • Channeled Writing,
  • Psychic Retrieval,
  • Know Your Destiny,
  • Energy Exchange

In only two weeks, Age of the Soul was given to Jason using channeled writing from God-The Source.

The second edition is the only recommended version for people to use, published in 2013, as it contains updated content, a new cover design and is reformatted for an easier reading experience.

I just finished reading Age of the Soul and all I can say is WOW! This book digs deep into the real nitty gritty of "waking up", living your soul purpose and doing your part to foster the evolution of the planet and your own soul. But be ready . . . it might take you a bit to read this book. Each and every paragraph is powerful, thought provoking and inspiring. Thank you, Jason, for this manifesto on living with soul and purpose. A beautiful, amazing book. - Karen Curry, Human Design Specialist and Bestselling Author

Reading Age of the Soul was beyond the written words. Jason enabled God to come through him. The truth and impact of God's words touched my Soul. I felt God with me in the healing meditation and the Chakra Clearing Meditation guiding me to a deep communication with my spirit guides. The voice of God that comes through has a direct approach, which is provocative and really makes you think about the way things are and the way the world is evolving. Make sure you read it. - Leah Levkowitz, Divinely Guided Success

Get ready to go on a spiritual exploration into the many facets of your soul and be forever changed! Age of the Soul explains intuition in a way that gives you a deeper insight into your spiritual makeup and how to harness your soul's abilities to heal, channel, intuit and manifest. This is the kind of book you will read again and again, and each time it will be a new experience. - Tara Taylor, Intuitive Counselor and Hay House author

Awaken to your soul, live from your truth and feel supported in each step you take. Jason Nelson is a messenger for the Divine in Age of the Soul. The spirit moving through Jason from cover to cover is an invitation to have your own conversation with God! - Sharon Wilson, Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer Coaching from Spirit Institute

I read Age of the Soul when I was beginning on my Spiritual journey years ago. So many questions that I had were answered in the book. I absolutely loved and resonated with it. I have recommended it to many friends who also loved the book. I thank Jason Nelson for his dedication to bringing the words of Spirit to us. - Linayah Kei, Angelic Channel and Healer

The five-step process found in Age of the Soul will help you to "get real" with every aspect of your life, including your innermost feelings and thoughts, so you can reveal, heal, and transform any resistance between you and your infinite loving soul. - Dr. Darren R. Weissman, Holistic Physician and Bestselling Author

Empower Our Children

books eoc 3d empower our children jason nelson

Empower Our Children: God's Call to Parents, How to Heal Yourself and Your Children

Heal Your Inner Child. Help Empower Children.

Direct passages from the book with God speaking directly to you:

"By loving ourselves and empowering today's children, we can achieve world peace.

The fate of the world lies in the hands of today's children, who will be the leaders and parents of tomorrow. The youth exemplify qualities adults have lost like innocence, vulnerability and unconditional acceptance. They offer innate, simplified wisdom for new ways to live as a unified world. Make your first priority to empower children. As a result, you will create harmony within yourself and the world may experience peace in one generation. I will be your guide and this book will be your instruction manual for how to do it.

I can guarantee you by the end of this book your awareness of others and yourself will increase. This book is an energetic means of transforming your life. It is more than a book. By participating with it you are becoming more loving, accepting and aware. If you make empowering children your first priority, it will lift up your life in the process!

Truly the child within is waiting to be set free." -Empower Our Children, Channeled Writing by Jason Nelson


  • New Paradigm of Education,
  • Soul-Based Discipline,
  • One with Your Soul,
  • Mother-Child Bond,
  • Heal Your Inner Child,
  • Abortion,
  • Adoption,
  • Feeling Safe,
  • Intuitive Decision-Making,
  • Spiritual Guides,
  • Soul-Based Living

This book was given to Jason Nelson using Channeled Writing from God-The Source and released in 2012.

Empower Our Children is a spiritual resource for how to heal ourselves and our children. It guides us to live from our soul's true nature of love, intuition and peace. Anyone can benefit from this great wisdom. - Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason, and Love for No Reason

As a conscious parent of three children, Empower Our Children is timely and a beacon of hope for our children's future. Jason Nelson gives you practical steps to heal from the inside out and thus create a world that we can all be proud to leave as a legacy for our future leaders. - Dr. Darren R. Weissman, Best Selling Author and Developer of The Lifeline Technique

An indispensable collection of much needed guidance on healing ourselves and our children. These words resonate at a soul level. This book came to me at a time when my 10-year-old daughter and I really needed it. Thank you Jason Nelson for sharing such valuable information at a time when parents are searching for ways to empower their children and help create a safe haven, regardless of the cultural influences - Brenda Gaton, Parent


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