Life Everlasting – Conversations and Healing With Your Deceased Loved One

life everlasting conversations and healing with your deceased loved one mg 7310 1856 580x387Three years ago my sister passed, but I’ve seen her spirit since then. She appeared to me in a vision, smiling with joyful spiritual love, and it filled me with a deeper feeling of peace that despite her tragic physical death her spirit is happy and free.

Last week we met our Advanced Practitioners of Voice Channeling® and discussed the incredible, continued relationship we are all having with our deceased loved ones.

One person who lost her sister and father this year, saw both of them sitting together on a bench laughing. This was during her Voice Channeling® session a few weeks prior. She shared, “I feel less and less the difference between their souls being in this physical life with me, and where they are now as energy. That it is more ONE LIFE. My experience of them is turning into one experience, rather than two separate experiences. I feel less and less separation. As a personality I feel their absence, the fact they are not here physically with us, participating with us in this human life, but as spirit, as energy, I don’t feel different. It’s a really good feeling, very interesting how that difference is just disappearing for me.”

Another woman asked if her mother would come through in her recent Voice Channeling® session. Her mother did, and they sat and had a conversation. She shared, “I miss her being here to give hugs but I know she’s with me. I’ve always known she’s with me, we just weren’t communicating the way we are now, which is wonderful. She’s been gone twenty years and it was just two years ago that I woke up to this stuff. Two years ago I would have never thought I could talk to my mother and now I can hear my mother!

Jason shared, “This is the continuity of life and how we’re meant to experience Spirit, our deceased loved ones. Voice Channeling® is a tool, a path to merge and unify the two worlds: physical and nonphysical. Having a body and not having a body, the ebb and flow and experiencing it all as ONE is the natural way it’s meant to be experienced.

It’s meant to be experienced where it’s different when our physical loved one dies and passes, the body dies, but it’s also not different. So there’s a loss but there’s also not a loss. It’s an interesting experience of having both, simultaneously. The sadness and feeling of loss of them, the physical person, but also the joy and celebration that they live on and are still with us. They talk to us and in some ways it is more tangible, real and helpful, and in other ways it is less tangible, because there isn’t the physical body that we can hug.

My dad and mom, really most of my family has transitioned and when they transitioned there was this sadness as it is natural, and we’re meant to feel that. Then after the grieving process, the experience for me was, “Well, we’re still together. We still talk, we still laugh, we still have intimacy and love and all the things, and that’s beautiful.”

There’s a transition from thinking about it as: We’re here. They’re there. I lived with them and now they are no more. But maybe I can go to a medium and maybe they’ll tell me one or two things that gives me a sign that they are still okay. This is a distant, separate way to think of our deceased loved ones.

Instead, we want to see our deceased loved ones as: They’re still here, living and being. It’s wonderful!

This is a very significant, valuable shift in perspective. Your deceased loved ones are always here, ready to have joyful, loving conversation with you!

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