Feeling the Power of Spirit

feeling the power of spirit IMG 0529 crop color corrected 580x785Relying on spirit for guidance this past year when there are so many different truths and perspectives has truly allowed Melissa and I to remain in peace, abundance and love.

When spirit comes to me and speaks clearly and powerfully, my aura is completely healed and the truth of spirit is so refreshing.

It’s like bathing in a heavenly light that fills me with a perfect state of mind, body and emotion. This photo of me was taken in Beverly Hills, CA, off Wilshire Blvd. I remember the feeling of spirit in that moment was strong.

I go into this space daily with spirit and I’m grateful that I’ve made my spiritual connection my #1 priority.

The answers I receive from spirit about my health, relationships, purpose and so many other things, are always helpful.

Sometimes the answers are unexpected and sometimes I would have preferred a different answer, but spirit is always helping me reach higher into my soul’s magical purpose.

While spirit’s love does not need to be proven, it certainly has been proven to me a thousand times.

Many people don't feel a relationship with spirit. Instead they feel disconnected. Deep down everyone wants to feel oneness with spirit.

Questioning if spirit is with you produces doubtful feelings. Don't question it or wait for 'proof'. Create your own 'proof'!

Spirit is always with you—each moment of your existence—in a real way.

Be ambitious. Tap into your relationship with spirit. Create your spiritual oneness.

Here's how you can get started.

Some people have a huge epiphany where God shakes the house and flickers the lights, then all of a sudden, a booming voice comes into the mind, "You will follow me sooner or later. This will decide when you begin the next step to mastery. Take my hand..." This was actually my story and I was one of those few people who had a ground-shaking epiphany.

Maybe a fraction of a percent of people have this type of epiphany.

"Why?" is a good question. It's based on what is purposeful for someone and their life.

To create oneness with spirit, do not compare your daily experience to other people's experiences or your own past.

In my case, it was purposeful. It's made for a great story to share and illustrate points. It is what I needed to move into this spiritual life and purpose as a Channel for the Divine's teachings in our books and trainings. I'm thankful for it.

But to maintain the strength of oneness that originally came into my life, I had to 'try' and 'work' at it. Spirit may have made it easier for me to feel, see, hear and know them in the first two months, back in 2001. But then I had to carry what we call, 'the power line', which is the ability to hold the strength of energy without spirit's more obvious intervention. From that point forward, it wasn't easy sometimes to maintain the oneness with spirit and spiritual clarity every day. I'm grateful to spirit for giving me our Voice Channeling® training, as it continues to help myself, our practitioners and their clients to develop into deeper oneness with spirit.

The Key to Developing and Maintaining Your Oneness With Spirit Is to Build It Into Your Lifestyle.

Creating a spiritual lifestyle is a step-by-step process of structuring more of our physical, behavioral, mental and emotional experiences to be aligned with our spiritual or soul experience. This is "Soul-Based Living."

Look at what your connection with spirit is in the moment and the next step you can take to integrate it and enhance it. I can help you get started if you don’t quite know where to begin.

1. Start with inviting spirit, or the name you use for your higher power, into simple moments of washing dishes, bathing, driving, sitting, and feel what it's like over time of just simply being with spirit as a feeling.

2. Create the feeling of what you'd imagine it's like to feel spirit and be with God. . .

And remember that You Are Loved Unconditionally and Deserving of Your Own Divine Connection!

If a spiritual lifestyle is something you want to put energy and time into, and you want help with it, email me through our contact form and tell me more about where you’d like support. We could discuss sessions or ongoing trainings happening right now.

New Three® University teaches you how to talk directly with your Spirit Guides and feel their healing energy in Voice Channeling® Training

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