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What Have You Always Wanted to ASK SPIRIT?
Spirit will have answers for you in class.

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Answers to your

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Healing, Spirit Guides, Higher Power.
Closure with Deceased Loved Ones.
Join Us on This Incredible Journey into Connecting with Spirit.


Voice Channeling®

Channel Spirit Through Your Voice
Feel Their Love and Receive Healing


Jason and Melissa Nelson, the Founders and sole Teachers of New Three® University, have been teaching the Voice Channeling® program since 2002 and 2013 respectively.

Voice Channeling® creates a safe, healing space, allowing spirit to speak through you and address any questions about health, relationships, family, career, and purpose. It is a unique process given to Jason by spirit, designed to be 100% successful for everyone who uses it.

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The Spirit I Channeled

Whatever your belief in Higher Power and Spirit, you are embraced. Be it God, Source, Universe, Jesus, Spirit Guides, Angels, Higher Self, Soul, Deceased Loved Ones, or any name you prefer for your spiritual guidance.

The wisdom shared by spirit is a remarkable source of answers, offering insights one would have never conceived, yet are exactly what is needed. Each session is a journey into the high, loving vibrations of spirit, leaving participants feeling calm, comforted, and centered.

Students are guided, step by step, by Jason and Melissa, enabling them to reproduce the Voice Channeling experience at home to continue receiving important answers to live their best life. The personal and deep relationship built with spirit ensures you never feel alone or lost again.

Spirit can be our greatest teacher, counselor, parent, friend and healer. Every day, Jason and Melissa use Voice Channeling to stay grounded, clear and manifest everything for the university programs, books and teachings. Their lives would not be the same without it and this is why they are so passionate about sharing it with you!

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How is Voice Channeling® Different?

Voice Channeling® elevates your experience of having a genuine spirit connection in the realm of mediumship and channeling programs.

Accurate Channeling

By teaching personal growth alongside the technique, we enable students to experience profound spiritual healing and become exceptionally clear mediums through Voice Channeling! This is the clearest form of mediumship. You remain in control, allowing spirit to communicate through your voice in real-time, as spirit, ensuring clarity over interpretation and ambiguity, unlike conventional mediumship where the medium hears the spirit in their mind and interprets the message which can easily create personal bias.

Unparalleled Depth & Connection

We are committed to the highest spiritual truth, providing unmatched depth and connection with the spirit world. The innate ability for channeling spirit resides within everyone. However, it is greatly unrealized even in experienced mediums and psychics, who often face challenges in receiving clear, consistent communication from spirit and feel they've reached a plateau in their development. Our divinely crafted technique ensures success for everyone to continue advancing, no matter what level of mediumship they have reached.

Safety, Openness & Healing

Voice Channeling is healing physically, mentally and emotionally because of the high vibration of spirit sharing your aura and physical space. We emphasize the ease and safety in communicating with the spirit world enabling you to feel spirit's profound unconditional love supporting you in every aspect of life.

Grounded Teaching & Live Interaction

Classes are practical and grounded, allowing for straightforward learning. We conduct live, interactive Zoom classes for immediate support and dynamic learning, where others often rely on pre-recorded or self-paced courses, offering less interaction and support.

Direct Access to Experienced Founders

Students have direct access to the founders, Jason and Melissa, in small classes (12 students per class) or one-on-one, benefiting from their combined 30 years of experience. Other programs tend to offer large classes with limited access to the main teacher and might be led by less experienced instructors, affecting the depth and reliability of learning.


Voice Channeling®: A Three-Level Journey

Voice Channeling® is a transformative three-level program, available in live small group classes or privately one-on-one, each offering a personalized, interactive experience, with an optional Certification.

Voice Channeling 1: What to Expect in Your First Course


  • You will channel spirit twice, and feel the healing energy from spirit each time.
  • Facilitate Voice Channeling for another student twice, enabling you to guide yourself at home after the training.
  • Enjoy an intimate learning environment, with a maximum of 12 students per class, allowing for personalized interaction, questions, and sharing.


  • Learn how spirit works with you to deliver purposeful guidance and healing.
  • Explore the inner workings of the Spirit World and develop a profound sense of safety with spirit.
  • Understand how to overcome resistance to receiving miracles from spirit.
  • Develop accuracy and confidence to receive messages from spirit.


  • Take home the step-by-step technique and insights to continue Voice Channeling.
  • Team up with fellow students to exchange Voice Channeling sessions outside of class.
  • Gain empowering, soul-based perspectives to continue talking with spirit, feeling their unconditional love and healing energy.
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Voice Channeling 2 & 3:
  • Progress to more advanced levels as a medium, improving your accuracy to receive detailed messages.
  • Master conversational Voice Channeling and participate in group channeling.
  • Channel spiritual healing through your body.
  • For those aspiring to guide others, there is an option to become certified.
  • You will be qualified to successfully facilitate friends or offer professional services to clients.
  • Learn foundational aspects of starting a practitioner business.


testimonial channeling helped me How Voice Channeling Helped Me

Since I was a little girl and heard about spirits I wished for this gift! I owe so much thanks to Jason Nelson for helping me find my place in life. For once I can actually say, "I LOVE MYSELF" and truly mean it, DEFINITELY take his classes if you want to be a medium, facilitator or for self-transformation! -Angela, Nevada USA

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Speak with deceased loved ones. Feel their comfort and love.

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After 29 Years I Felt My Mom Hugging Me! My first Voice Channeling was with my mother. For the first time since I was twelve years old, I felt my mom hugging me. I felt her within me as she was communicating. She gave me beautiful messages. I physically felt massive amounts of healing on a cellular level and completely healed after Voice Channeling my mother, more than any other kind of energy work session. I knew I had experienced something that was 100% genuine and was in no way made-up. It was absolutely life changing! -Lena-Jo, Nevada USA

vc main testimonial sandy

I Can See Him, Feel Him, Hear Him and Sometimes Even Smell Him. My Dad's been gone since 2007. I never really got a chance to say goodbye. One evening Voice Channeling I could feel him and he said "Hi." He wanted me to know that he was happy. It's like having a phone conversation with him. His energy lives on and Voice Channeling is a very real, tangible way of communicating with him. -Sandy, Nevada USA

Heal physically, mentally and emotionally from Voice Channeling!

Sandy received a miracle healing from spirit. She was in a serious car accident. When she came to the first Voice Channeling class she was on twenty-one pain medications and using a walker 90% of the time.

I haven't touched that walker since I took the first Voice Channeling workshop. I don't take pain medications anymore, at all. Every time I go through the Voice Channeling process, whether I am guiding someone else or receiving guidance, it's shifting my body, it's making the pain reduce. Friends started asking me, 'What's different about you, you are glowing, you are happier!' -Sandy, Nevada USA

vc main testimonial monica

A friend had been in a low spot emotionally and physically. I asked her if she would be open to Voice Channeling. After the experience, she was completely at peace and had clarity to move forward in her life. This was her first experience with Voice Channeling, and it made a night and day difference for her. -Monica, Utah USA

Uplift your life with spirit's unconditional love.

Jason's method is of unconditional love only. There's nothing else. Nothing to fear. Voice Channeling has given me freedom, confidence, security, greater faith, more joy, inspiration to take bold actions to grow, and strength to help others attain deeper meaning and purpose in their lives. Try it for yourself. Not long ago, I was one of the world's biggest skeptics." -Kevin, Nevada USA

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Each time I take a class it's like going up an elevator. Each time is more clearing. I am living from my soul more than my ego. I have more freedom, happiness, peace, joy and confidence. The changes are noticeable to me and the people around me. The obstacles and resistance is shifting with each workshop. - Onya, Nevada USA

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Private Training:

Private Training Details:

Format: Voice Channeling will be conducted via Zoom, Skype, or Phone.
Days & Times: Arranged to suit your schedule, typically as eight 90-minute weekly sessions.
Cost: $3,200 per Level.

Enrollment Process:

If you’d prefer to train with Jason or Melissa in personalized one-on-one Voice Channeling sessions, use our form below to request and schedule an initial conversation to ensure this is the best fit.

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