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Relationship with Your Spiritual Guides.

This Mediumship Certification Training provides so much for you, as your relationship with spirit grows, feeling their love and presence in your life every day.

Your Spiritual Guidance is here to help with ANSWERS and HEALING...

Receiving Miracles from Spirit!



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I don't worry about things anymore. I get what I need from spirit.
Instead of going to friends, I’m Voice Channeling spirit’s advice. -DC, Pennsylvania USA


Voice Channeling® is a process by which you receive spiritual guidance and healing as spirit speaks through your voice directly.

You may think of “spirit” as God, Source, Universe, Spirit Guides, Angels, Jesus, Higher Self, Soul, Deceased Loved Ones, Animal Guides, Energy, Light . . .or by whatever name you prefer to call on your spiritual guidance.

Voice Channeling is the clearest form of mediumship because of the proven technique given to Jason Nelson from God-The Source through his own Voice Channeling sessions. It is designed in a way so everyone can be successful using it. The Voice Channeling technique guides your consciousness back into the 'observer', so you can be fully present and accurate. This allows spirit to speak through your voice, in real time without delay or interpretation by you, which is different from more typical stage mediumship.

Voice Channeling provides a safe, loving session with spirit.

Going through this three-level mediumship certification brings spiritual healing into all areas of your life: physically, mentally and emotionally. This is because of the high vibration spirit brings into every session.

Our combined New Three® Trainings open you up to your soul’s powers: Voice Channeling® for a relationship with your spiritual guidance. Five Accomplishments® Coaching to heal and live from your soul. Psychic Retrieval® to develop your intuition. Together they provide you the greatest spiritual success!

Voice Channeling helped me...


The intense feeling of love, support and connection that I felt was overwhelming, it brought me to tears. -Richard, Nevada USA

My friend's first Voice Channeling experience made a night and day difference for her with peace and clarity to move forward in her life. - Monica, Utah USA

Each time it's like going up an elevator. More clearing, freedom, peace and joy. Changes are noticeable. Obstacles and resistance shifts. - Onya, Nevada USA

For the first time since I was twelve years old, I felt my mom hugging me. She gave me beautiful messages. I felt massive amounts of healing on a cellular level and completely healed after Voice Channeling my mother, more than any other kind of energy work session. I knew it was 100% genuine. Absolutely life changing! -Lena-Jo, Nevada USA

Since I was a little girl, I wished for this gift! For once I can actually say, "I LOVE MYSELF" and truly mean it. DEFINITELY take these classes if you want to be a medium, practitioner, or for self-transformation! -Angela, Nevada USA

Jason's humble, confident nature takes people on a journey from fear to exhilaration. I write this through tears of joy and elation. I will happily never be the same." -Simone, Nevada, USA



Our combined New Three® Trainings open you up to your soul’s powers: Voice Channeling® for a relationship with your spiritual guidance. Five Accomplishments® Coaching to heal and live from your soul. Psychic Retrieval® to develop your intuition. Together they provide you the greatest spiritual success!

For students to master Voice Channeling mediumship and accurately receive from spirit, the full certification training must be taken and Voice Channeling practiced as a lifestyle.

Voice Channeling 1: Become an Accurate Medium

Everyone experiences Voice Channeling spirit in the first level of training. Students also learn how to increase their accuracy, consistency and confidence as a medium.

  • Voice Channeling spirit for healing and answers
  • Meet spiritual guides and deceased loved ones, and feel safe with spirit
  • Support after the workshop to be a clear, confident Voice Channeler

Voice Channeling 2: Oneness with Spirit

A deeper, more expansive relationship with your spiritual guidance, by learning detailed, multi-being Voice Channeling sessions for forty minutes. After Voice Channeling for forty minutes, you open up to a new level of oneness with spirit. Exercises to dissolve resistance as you master mediumship and facilitating others in Voice Channeling sessions.

  • Reliable, detailed information from spirit
  • Forty-minute Voice Channeling sessions
  • Begin practitioner training to facilitate Voice Channeling for others

Voice Channeling 3: Spiritual Healing and Program Certification

Advanced mediumship skills are taught that include holding a strong power line when Voice Channeling alone, for individuals and in front of groups. Those interested in personal mastery, will recieve the final tools to be the best medium. Those interested in creating income from a practitioner business, will have clarity and business building support.

  • Advanced mediumship skills, spiritual healing and facilitation
  • Option to focus on personal mastery, or create income from a practitioner business
  • Practitioner of Voice Channeling Certificate

After Completing a Level 1, you can use the sessions with yourself and other students. Upon Level 2 Completion, you can also practice on the public toward your practice sessions for certification without compensation, and when you Complete Level 3 and Certification Requirements, you have the option to provide services to the public for compensation as part of your professional business.

NEW THREE® University Membership Included!

Students in good standing with their training program recieve ongoing free access to a private online practitioner portal.

  • Practice with our international student base
  • Access to private groups, announcements and updated downloadable materials
  • Private Message with students and instructors for guidance to master your techniques

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