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What Would You Like to TRANSFORM INTO LOVE?

Every day we are COACHING in some way . . . advising ourselves or other people.

It's called "positive encouragement," "seeing the brighter side" or "giving advice."

Reveal your soul's love. Move beyond despair and suffering to hope and spiritual connection.

What is challenging you? Bring it to the workshop and let's create the shift you've been praying for!

Imagine challenges you'd like to shift, and write them down.

Challenges with your

Get to the root and release limitations. The Five Accomplishments Coaching Technique grants you access to learned patterns so you can change them.
You will get clear on the biggest patterns holding you back and transform them.

You will probably take the biggest step forward in your personal growth by joining this program!

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I have learned to live from my soul. I was awakened -Angela, Nevada USA

Shift everyday challenges with your

Could you use a shift and transformation into greater love and purpose?


It doesn't need to take years to create the shifts you want.


It can happen in a few minutes or hours with a Five Accomplishments Coaching session!

Create a better life for yourself and others

My life is more in alignment now than it has ever been. I've never felt so happy, connected, and purposeful. - JoAllan, USA

Manifest your life purpose through healing and revealing it.
Heal blocks and limitations . . . even the ones you don't know about.
Have a spiritual coaching specialty or niche!
You may want to be a Five Accomplishments:
  • Leadership Coach
  • Relationship Coach
  • Health Coach
  • Business Coach
  • Teen Coach
  • Parenting Coach
  • Success Coach
  • Abundance Coach
Enhance your current career as a coach, therapist, leader or practitioner.
Learn an effective step-by-step technique to live from the soul.

Five Accomplishments is an exclusive coaching method channeled through Jason Nelson by spirit.

You are trained to coach yourself and coach others with techniques that enable you to shift any ego-based, dispassion or discomfort to the soul's passion, purpose and love!

Using the Five Accomplishments Coaching techniques to coach yourself and clients, and receive coaching from others in our program, assures your success.

It was life changing and I know no matter where you come from, no matter your background, your experience, your struggles, it will bring things to the forefront that are needed to grow into soul-based living. Make this choice for your life and personal growth. -Lena-Jo, Nevada USA

Five Accomplishments Coaching accesses resistance that you are not even aware of, providing the doorway to the beliefs and feelings waiting to be shifted into alignment with your soul’s love and purpose. You will open up to your unlimited human potential, create an inseparable feeling of soul connection, and be forever changed.

I just got a treasure map to my soul! –Monica, Utah USA

Everyone has the ability to coach and heal, and this training allows it to be as effortless and transformative as possible.

You become a master spiritual coach for yourself and others by becoming a Certified Five Accomplishments Coach.

Those choosing certification will receive business knowledge to set up a professional practice and personal guidance on how to continue refining their coaching ability. Heal yourself and heal others!

Five Accomplishments® Coaching is a step-by-step process to get you grounded and aware of your life on the deepest level, so you can transform anything limiting you from living your soul's love and purpose. Soul-based living is the goal of every spiritual coaching session.

Your journey with this spiritual coaching process aligns you with your soul’s unlimited power to live from love and manifest from the inspiration of your life destiny.
Every coaching session with the Five Accomplishments is intended to bring you closer to your soul's purpose and living a soul-based life.

I had no idea how living from an ego-based world could limit and cripple you. Coming from a soul-based world, I now can live in the moment. I believe and I love myself. -Kelli, Utah USA

Soul-Based Living is living from love with a true knowing of one’s life purpose. This universal spiritual life coaching approach works within every person's faith and spiritual belief of what God or Spirit is to them.

I discovered things I wasn’t conscious of that I could shift from an ego-based perspective to a soul-based perspective. It completely wipes out the feelings of what that ego-based perspective felt like. It's an experience of acceptance, unconditional love and absolute beauty. -Monica, Utah USA


Our combined New Three® Trainings open you up to: Voice Channeling® for a safe, loving way to experience direct spiritual communication for healing and life guidance. Five Accomplishments® Coaching to experience soul-based living by transforming anything limiting you from your soul’s love and purpose. Psychic Retrieval® to open and deepen your full intuitive potential to access the infinite knowledge about life situations past, present or future. Together they provide you the greatest spiritual success!

For students to truly master Five Accomplishments Coaching and receive everything from their soul, the full certification training must be taken and Five Accomplishments Coaching practiced as part of their lifestyle.

Five Accomplishments Coaching 1: Soul-Based Living

Learn the Five Accomplishments Coaching process, which includes many techniques and exercises, to create a deeper, grounded knowing of your soul and its purpose. The tools taught in this training enable you to shift ego-based situations to soul-based peace and freedom. The feeling you have after a session is liberating, filling you with the greatest feeling of hope and love.

  • Create a much deeper self-awareness
  • Identify the biggest areas of your life that are limiting passion and love
  • Be unaffected by challenging people and situations
  • Learn the healing, energetic power of being grounded

Five Accomplishments Coaching 2: Subconscious Healing

The advanced coaching principles and techniques provide a way for everyone to have what they need to reveal and shift the most difficult situations and resistance. Accelerating your ability to manifest greater abundance, relationships, purpose and perfect health become the center point of this upper level soul-based training. Your spiritual coaching ability truly goes to an entirely new level.

  • Advanced coaching techniques to identify the most difficult hidden resistance
  • Get every part of you in alignment with your soul's love and purpose
  • Accelerate the manifestation of abundance, relationships and purpose
  • Create a lifestyle that supports your life purpose

Five Accomplishments Coaching 3: Mastery and Certification

You have everything you need to take your personal growth anywhere you want. Coach yourself and anyone through anything. Learn processes that expand your ability and wisdom in key life areas.

  • Master spiritual coaching to help and heal yourself
  • Have everything you need to continue developing yourself and as a spiritual coach
  • Coach yourself and others through anything
  • Option to receive a Five Accomplishments Coaching Certificate and start a practitioner business

After Completing a Level 1, you can use the sessions with yourself and other students. Upon Level 2 Completion, you can also practice on the public toward your practice sessions for certification without compensation, and when you Complete Level 3 and Certification Requirements, you have the option to provide services to the public for compensation as part of your professional business.

NEW THREE® University Membership Included!

Students in good standing with their training program receive ongoing free access to a private practitioner support system.

This includes:

  • Practice with international students by video or phone
  • Access to private groups, announcements and updated downloadable materials
  • In-between courses, Melissa and Jason support you with setting goals and helping you reach your greatest potential

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