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Do You Want to LIVE From Your SOUL'S LOVE & PURPOSE?
You Will Have Deep Soul-Based Shifts in Class.

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Access Your Soul’s Perspective
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Five Accomplishments® Coaching

Experience Life Through Your Soul's Eyes
A Life Beyond What You Can Imagine
Coach Yourself Through Anything


Jason and Melissa Nelson, the Founders and sole Teachers of New Three® University, have been teaching the Five Accomplishments® Coaching program since 2006 and 2015 respectively.

Five Accomplishments® Coaching is a unique spiritual coaching process given to Jason by spirit, to get you grounded and aware of your life on the deepest level, so you can transform anything limiting you from living your soul's love and purpose. This practical tool allows you to bring more soul-based love and meaning into all areas of your life: health, relationships, family, abundance, career, and purpose.

Soul-based living is the goal of every spiritual coaching session. You will open up to your unlimited human potential, create an inseparable feeling of soul connection, and be forever changed.

Everyone has the ability to coach and heal themselves. This coaching process helps you focus on the disempowering perspectives that muffle your soul, so you can shift them to see life through the eyes of your soul. It doesn't need to take years to create the shifts you want.

Our soul is pure love and the best example for manifesting a life beyond what we can imagine! Jason and Melissa use Five Accomplishments Coaching daily to keep them love-based, grounded, and living in their highest benefit.

Students are guided, step by step, enabling them to reproduce the Five Accomplishments Coaching experience at home to continue the journey of soul-based living. The more you use it, you are less affected by things that bothered you in the past and you grow a newfound joy and passion for life!

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How is Five Accomplishments® Coaching Different?

Five Accomplishments® Coaching reshapes how you view yourself and the world around you, where you see life through your soul's eyes, marking it as a premier spiritual life coaching program.

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Accomplishment One Get Grounded: Become fully grounded and present.
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Accomplishment Two Get Real with Your Life: Significantly increase awareness of yourself and others.
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Accomplishment Three Get Real with Your Inner World: Transform limiting, ego-based perspectives.
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Accomplishment Four Get Real with God: Connect with your higher spiritual guidance.
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Accomplishment Five Initiation of the Soul: Become initiated into soul-based living.
Soul-Based Living is living from love with a true knowing of one's life purpose. This universal spiritual life coaching approach works within every person's faith and spiritual belief of what God or Spirit is to them.
Grounding and Energetic Balance Promotes Health

Our strong emphasis on grounding one’s energy field enables the natural healing process in one’s body to take place, thus aiding in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. With grounding, our students are also able to be fully present and see their life crystal clear to make empowered decisions.

Five Steps to Becoming One with Your Soul

Students are walked through the five accomplishments to align with their soul, where the opportunity to live from true unconditional love becomes a reality. This has also been called enlightenment. Soul-based living is clearly understood with practical application to every real-life conversation, situation and experience. Students are able to see the true choice they have every moment to know and manifest their highest benefit, that which is in alignment with their soul’s purpose, opening up possibilities that were not present before.

Accepting Yourself

Students are supported to ‘accept’ their total self: thoughts, emotions, behaviors, physicality, past and present. Deep personal acceptance is one of 30 soul-based qualities taught and experienced in class! These shifts of how students view themselves and the world through soul-based qualities like acceptance empower them to live the life we were all meant to live!


Most of the work we do is through education and the opportunity to consciously choose a more loving, soul-based perspective. Students learn techniques to coach themselves through anything, placing the power of personal transformation and the opportunity for deep love and peace at any time.

Practical Teaching & Live Interaction

Classes are practical and grounded, allowing for straightforward learning. We conduct live, interactive Zoom classes for immediate support and dynamic learning, where others often rely on pre-recorded or self-paced courses, offering less interaction and support.

Direct Access to Experienced Founders

Students have direct access to the founders, Jason and Melissa, in small classes (12 students per class) or one-on-one, benefiting from their combined 30 years of experience. Other programs tend to offer large classes with limited access to the main teacher and might be led by less experienced instructors, affecting the depth and reliability of learning.

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Become a Five Accomplishments® Coach for Others!

You have the option to become a Certified Five Accomplishments Coach and work with the public. This would be for someone interested in becoming a Spiritual Life Coach or similar, who would like a strong step-by-step modality to follow every time to help any client through anything.

Sequenced and Written Step-by-Step Approach

In other coaching and counseling approaches, you would need to memorize many methods to sensitively guide a client. In Five Accomplishments Coaching you have a sequenced approach written out for you to follow.

Guide Clients into Their Own Answers

Working with clients with their sensitive life experiences requires know-how to help and not to worsen their outlook. Other counseling and coaching approaches may only prepare you to make a ‘best guess’ at giving advice, with potentially intimidating client life topics you may feel unprepared for. With Five Accomplishments Coaching you do not give advice and instead you guide a client into their own soul-based answers, thus empowering their personal evolution at a pace that is most supportive to them.

Ongoing Topics to Support Clients Long Term

Often clients come with one or two things to work on, thus giving a minimal amount of topics and ending the coaching relationship early. With Five Accomplishments Coaching there is the continued opportunity for revealing new topics to best serve the client in having a continued, working relationship. Clients are best supported working long-term on their spiritual growth and with you, they will always have new levels they can achieve of soul-based living.

Have the Know-How to Help People Soon

If you want to be educated with the most soul-based, supportive approach to help clients, then becoming a Certified Five Accomplishments Coach is a great option as full certification can be completed in 6 months.


Five Accomplishments® Coaching: A Three-Level Journey

Five Accomplishments® Coaching is a transformative three-level program, available in live small group classes or privately one-on-one, each offering a personalized, interactive experience, with an optional Certification.

Five Accomplishments Coaching 1: What to Expect in Your First Course


  • Grounding Session: Completely balance and ground your energy so you can feel your soul.
  • Life Awareness Session: Create a treasure map to your soul.
  • Soul-Based Living Session: Shift every life area that resists you manifesting love and your soul’s purpose.
  • Facilitate Grounding, Life Awareness and Soul-Based Living sessions for another student, enabling you to understand how to guide yourself at home after the training.
  • Enjoy an intimate learning environment, with a maximum of 12 students per class, allowing for personalized interaction, questions, and sharing.


  • Understand the Five Accomplishments, with an emphasis on Accomplishments 1, 2, and 3.
  • In-depth grounding to feel calm, empowered and soul connected.
  • Seeing your life through your soul’s eyes by moving from ego-based to soul-based living.
  • Conversational Coaching: Opening the hearts and minds of loved ones to new life possibilities, without giving advice.
  • Being a soul-based example for others and how to be a spiritual coach.


  • Take home the 3 step-by-step techniques for the Grounding Session, Life Awareness Session, and Soul-Based Living Session to continue Five Accomplishments Coaching.
  • Worksheets for the 30 grounded and ungrounded qualities, as well as the 30 soul-based and ego-based qualities.
  • Team up with fellow students to exchange Five Accomplishments Coaching sessions outside of class.
  • Gain empowering, soul-based perspectives to continue creating balance and soul alignment.
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Five Accomplishments Coaching 2 & 3:
  • Subconscious Healing Session: Advanced coaching to shift hidden resistance to your soul’s passionate, loving perspective.
  • Experience the Grounding, Life Awareness and Soul-Based Living Sessions with greater depth.
  • Understand the Five Accomplishments, with an emphasis on Accomplishments 3, 4, and 5.
  • Master manifesting to have a full power over reality.
  • Radical self-awareness and advanced soul-based living indicators.
  • For those aspiring to facilitate others, there is an option to become certified.
  • You will be qualified to successfully facilitate friends or offer professional services to clients.
  • Learn foundational aspects of starting a practitioner business.


Your journey with this spiritual coaching process aligns you with your soul's unlimited power to live from love and manifest from the inspiration of your soul's destiny.

fac main testimonial kelli

I had no idea how living from an ego-based world could limit and cripple you. Coming from a soul-based world, I now can live in the moment. I believe and I love myself. -Kelli, Utah USA

You get grounded and aware of your life on the deepest level, so you can transform anything limiting you.

fac main testimonial sara

I have asked Jason Nelson several times to guest lecture for my doctoral-level classes in counseling psychology at Argosy, Antioch and Loyola Marymount Universities. When he has guest lectured, the power, healing and inspiration he has brought to early career psychologists has been astounding. I trust him implicitly to come into my classroom and teach techniques, because his are the best. He has taught many of my students how to deepen their clinical work with their patients, and how to heal others from a grounded place of knowing. -Dr. Sara, California USA

Five Accomplishments Coaching works within every person's faith and spiritual belief system.

fac main testimonial lena

It was life changing and I know no matter where you come from, no matter your background, your experience, your struggles, it will bring things to the forefront that are needed to grow into soul-based living. Make this choice for your life and personal growth. -Lena-Jo, Nevada USA

A discovery and journey into soul-based living!

fac main testimonial monica

I just got a treasure map to my soul! I discovered things I wasn't conscious of that I could shift from an ego-based perspective to a soul-based perspective. It completely wipes out the feelings of what that ego-based perspective felt like. It's an experience of acceptance, unconditional love and absolute beauty. -Monica, Utah USA

I have learned to live from my soul. I was awakened -Angela, Nevada USA

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Private Training:

Private Training Details:

Format: Five Accomplishments Coaching will be conducted via Zoom, Skype, or Phone.
Days & Times: Arranged to suit your schedule, typically as fourteen 90-minute weekly sessions.
Cost: $5,200 per Level.

Enrollment Process:

If you’d prefer to train with Jason or Melissa in personalized one-on-one Five Accomplishments Coaching sessions, use our form below to request and schedule an initial conversation to ensure this is the best fit.

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