Highest Benefit Is Happening, Even Now

No Matter What Things Might Look Like 2 mg 1525 3113 580x580webWhat does “Highest Benefit” really mean...and why does it matter to you?

The Highest Benefit matters to you because:

You are being directed to it every day,

Things often work out different than you thought because of it, and

Prayers go unanswered because of it.

Do you know the song Unanswered Prayers? It’s a song that says “some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers” and it talks about being young and praying that you would end up with a certain person. It goes on to say that now, later in life, being married and grateful that your original prayer wasn’t answered because you know who you ended up with is the best person for you.

We sometimes can’t see what the best experience is for us, but Spirit does see it clearly.

When I was a child my Dad played this song in the car, as his music taste was usually country or Elvis Presley. The lyrics had struck me then and I’ve come back to them throughout my life. The lyrics helped me to know there is a greater orchestration than I could possibly see. To me, the lyrics meant sometimes we don’t see our highest benefit in the moment but we understand it looking back.

Highest Benefit Means: The most supportive direction for each person involved in an experience, as well as the ripple effect benefiting the rest of humanity. This is a greater perspective we sometimes can’t even understand in hindsight because an experience in one moment that seems unhelpful to a person or small group, may in fact be helpful to the greater movement on consciousness and spiritual evolution to a person or the entire world over time.

Please remember highest benefit means highest benefit of all, which is motivated by the greatest movement and upliftment for all souls incarnating or living physical lives on Earth now and into the future. Most of the time it’s apparent but there may be times in our life that we never know the full reason behind an experience and its benefit. But we trust it is there.

This is what Spirit knows and helps all of us with.

This sounds pretty big, right? Your Spirit Guides, whether you are in direct communication with them or not, are guiding you in the direction of your highest benefit. Even our small decisions and brief moments include the highest benefit. When you talk directly with your guides, the highest benefit is better understood. You begin to see more of why things ‘work out’ or ‘don’t work out’.

You are supported by Spirit as much as every other person on this planet. Your loving Spirit Guides want to hold your hand and take the next step with you into manifesting a more peaceful, loving, abundant life.

It’s truly amazing how spiritual guides support us all. Can you imagine what it’s like to feel the healing energy, guidance, love and infinite understanding from your Spirit Guide and how your daily life would feel different?!

My wish for you, if I may, is for you to know that you are always being supported and loved no matter what things might look like.

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