I Want What Is Right – Surrender Mantra for the Highest Benefit

I Want What Is Right Not To Be Right 004001 R1 012 2 580x580 300dpiI want the highest benefit, more than I want it to be MY WAY.

Every day we’re participating with manifestation. We’re either moving forward with co-manifesting the highest benefit with Spirit, or we’re creating resistance to the highest benefit being manifested.

If you’re unsure on what the highest benefit is from Spirit’s viewpoint, contact us and we’ll share some resources to begin learning about it.

Once I learned that highest benefit literally means the highest benefit for everyone, I started seeing life differently.

Life is not simply to have my every human desire become manifest.

I don’t always like this fact and when I am having an inner conflict my mantra for this is:

I want what is right.

…not to be right.

Have you made this distinction with your own inner dialogue?

Because what is right for me is the highest benefit of all involved. Sometimes the highest benefit and I disagree, but it’s ultimately what I want so I take the steps to surrender to the highest benefit, especially in those moments that I desire something else. Just by having the intention and choosing to surrender to Spirit’s higher beneficial vision for me immediately aligns me with more clarity and accuracy to receive it!

This is such an important part of how I SURRENDER.

I repeat to myself,

“I want what is right, not to be right.”

This means, more of me wants what is for the Highest Benefit.

I want the Highest Benefit more than I want it MY WAY.

MY WAY may not be the BEST WAY.

Repeating this mantra affirms this truth and desire within me.

It neutralizes my inner conflict.

I ask Spirit for guidance.

I can hear them NOW that I am *neutral* and *open*.

*Whereas before it was hard to hear Spirit when I initially needed it to be my way.*

Spirit tells me the the Highest Benefit.

I understand.

I breathe easier.

I move forward.

I have peace.

What is a Mantra that helps you SURRENDER?

I’d love to hear it!

Share it with us on Facebook, here

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