How Your Soul Is Different From Your Personality

how your soul is different from your personality et HXLTWJGeA 580wThe SOUL is a mystery to many people. They confuse their soul with their own emotions, wants and desires and yet the soul perceives our life very differently than our human mind perceives it.

Once you know your soul by aligning with your soul’s perspective, life truly becomes amazing and awe-inspiring.

Your soul’s perspective will show you:

• How to love yourself and others, no matter what.
• What your purpose is in every moment.
• Your physical and spiritual gifts.

How is your soul different than your personality?

Your soul existed before this lifetime and will exist long after this lifetime.
Your body and personality will only exist in this lifetime.

Your soul is wise and unconditionally loving.
Your personality has learned how to be loving and unloving, and continually chooses between these two perspectives.

There is a ‘veil’ between the physical world where your current incarnation experience is happening and the spiritual world. This veil exists in part to allow your physical personality to overcome challenges and ideally choose soul-based living.

Soul-based living is when one chooses the loving experience, rather than choosing the unloving experience which is ego-based living. At any moment we are choosing either of these two perspectives. From this, we’re experiencing many mental, emotional and physical outcomes of our chosen soul-based or ego-based perspective.

A great example of this is when you’ve chosen to either continue arguing and the situation escalates to proving and blaming, or to cease arguing and begin to listen and understand the other person. When we choose to prove and blame and the situation escalates, we experience pain and suffering to some degree on the mental, emotional and physical levels. When we choose to understand and learn, there is an opening for love. The tension melts away and we feel lighter mentally, emotionally and physically.

The soul-based perspective grants us the feeling of freedom and the ego-based experience creates a feeling of being a victim. We can choose to feel the energy of victim or feel free. The choice is always ours.

Consider the soul-based and ego-based living list on page 63 and 64 in Empower Our Children. There are many ways to apply this understanding that are further explained in Empower Our Children and also in Age of the Soul. These channeled books are the Divine’s instructions for humanity, for you, to live from the nature of your soul.

Why is it important to align with your soul?

#1 Your soul’s perspective is your true nature. You are your soul and your personality is temporary. Choosing to align your personality with your soul is choosing your truest nature.

#2 You feel and look at life from a profound space of peace and awe. Everything about your life looks and feels completely different. Rather than suffering, soul-based living brings expansion, love, connectedness and so much more.

#3 You know your purpose and contribution in this lifetime and make choices that are aligned with what is purposeful for you in every moment.

Soul-based living is approaching every day with the intention of aligning more and more with your soul’s loving, wise perspective. As a result, your life purpose is clearer and your physical and spiritual abilities are heightened!

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