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Spiritual Life Coaching
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We all can benefit from the support of an effective coach to see things we’ve overlooked and help with understanding the steps to live a more purposeful, fulfilling life.

Jason helps you quickly resolve life areas that feel stuck or where you’d like to manifest a different experience.

His intuitive approach to every session ensures you will always move forward into your highest potential and spiritual purpose.

This is what it’s like to work with Jason:

  • 20 years of experience helping thousands of people.
  • Save time and energy with his intuitive approach.
  • Your soul’s purpose and highest benefit guides every session.
  • Shift root challenges quickly so you can feel better faster.
  • Bring any life area and discover newfound freedom and purpose.
  • Integrate soul-based living and spiritual understandings.
  • Be empowered with true self-love and confidence.

Whether you’ve coached with someone before or are new to the idea of investing in your wellbeing and spiritual purpose, scheduling a complimentary phone consultation with Jason is the best way to know if he is the best fit for you.

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vc-main-jason-melissa.jpgJason Nelson has been a Spiritual Life Coach for over 20 years, serving clients from all over the world. He is the Founder and Co-Teacher of New Three® University, an organization dedicated to igniting world peace by empowering people to live from their souls.

Jason has focused on his own inner work since his epiphany on his 25th birthday in 2001. Since then, he finds ways every day to step more into soul-based living. Living from our soul’s nature is a lifestyle, where we’re able to actually feel, see and know our life through the eyes of our loving soul.

What's so unique about his coaching sessions is that the techniques and methods weren't handed down from others but were directly given to him by his spiritual guides. This, combined with his clear intuition, allows you to accomplish far more in a fraction of the time than with other coaches.

His approach is grounded, practical, and illuminates your life in ways that you haven’t thought of before. This empowering understanding shines a light on opportunities and transforms anything standing in the way of reaching your fullest potential.

Bring any topic on your heart or mind, no matter how clear or confusing it may be. By the end of your sessions, you’ll feel lighter, clearer, and more empowered, with actionable insights to apply between sessions.

Topics clients often bring into sessions include Life Purpose & Career, Manifesting, Relationships, Releasing Limitations, Energy Behind Health Challenges, Spiritual Teaching, Deepening One’s Spiritual Faith, and Navigating the Awakening Process.


What Can You Expect?

This Is What Clients Experience With Jason


Quickly Get to the Root for Lasting Change

Psychologist Recommended: “As a psychologist, when I’m really stuck with a client, I have often made referrals to him, to help take the client to the next level… in ways that even myself as a licensed psychologist feel stagnant or stuck. I consider him top-notch in regards to spiritual coaching and healing.

Whenever I have had sessions with Jason, he zeroes right into what the underlying or root issue is, whether I am yet aware of it or not. His intuitive capacity is unparalleled, and his power as a healer to help one shift things is phenomenal.

I have asked Jason Nelson several times to guest lecture for my doctoral-level classes in counseling psychology at Argosy, Antioch and Loyola Marymount Universities. When he has, the power, healing and inspiration he has brought to early career psychologists has been astounding. I trust him implicitly to come into my classroom and teach techniques, because his are the best. He has taught many of my students how to deepen their clinical work with their patients, and how to heal others from a grounded place of knowing. -Dr. Sara, Psychologist

Quick Transformation: “Working with Jason is helping me to transform my life quickly. By the time I met Jason I had gotten to a pretty dark place where there was no self-love going on or self-belief going on, and even though I had studied a lot of spiritual concepts and spiritual procedures, I had really gotten away from them. Pretty much the only thing I was doing was beating myself up for feeling like a failure on the business and relationship side. Through the tools that we worked with, I learned to unconditionally love myself again and get to the point where I could let go. I believe in myself again. His gift for cutting through the BS quickly and getting down to the truth of important matters is the key. This process allowed me to see the good parts of my job and change from not enjoying my work to reveling in it IN JUST 3 DAYS!” -Terry, TV Producer

Highest Good: “I was guided to Jason and since then my world has been altered beyond any expectations. From the moment I met him I felt the love and caring he puts into his sessions. I have been doing sessions with him for three years on a continuous basis and will continue for quite a long time. His ability to know just what is needed in that moment is amazing. He brings an awareness to what an issue is that needs to be cleared or healed and does so with grace and patience. I now have my own clients and I owe so much to Jason and his coaching. He has helped me dissolve fears and unwanted emotions so that now I am walking on my path in confidence and joy. He listens to Spirit and relates what he receives, always fully intending to bring what is meant for his client's Highest Good. I have recommended him to others. Thank you Jason for being there for me at every turn. You have been an amazing teacher and coach.” -Linayah


Connect with Your Soul and Gain Confidence in Your Life Purpose

Soul Purpose: “The spirit-guided coaching, authenticity, support, wisdom, healing and love I received from Jason touched my core to see things in my life I didn't realize I was creating. That allowed me to see how I'd been giving away my power and set me free. As a result, I gained a strong confidence in my purpose and connection to my soul, spirit guides and God to guide me in my life and to fulfill my soul's purpose. Being able to access my true essence and power has enabled me to help empower other spiritual entrepreneurs like myself get clear focus and direction to manifest their full potential. Getting to experience this kind of transformation with myself and my clients is priceless. He also guided me through the process of channeling and publishing my first book!-Leah, Author


Attract Your Life Partner or Improve Your Current Relationship

Relationship Attraction: “Before I started working with Jason, I had tried everything to attract a loving relationship. I had read books, attended seminars, made vision boards, created lists, received advice from experts. . .but nothing worked. Every session was a profound shift for me in becoming aware, connecting to my soul, and releasing beliefs that were not serving my intention. And now, not only have I attracted a fulfilling, passionate, and healthy relationship, but I also have the tools and ability to connect to the divine and to listen to my intuition and soul whenever I need guidance. My life is more in alignment now than it has ever been. I've never felt so happy, connected, and purposeful. Every session with Jason is an awakening for me.” -JoAllan, Teacher

Best Romance: “My career has really opened up, I’ve had the experience of projects coming to me, rather than me having to find them, which has been really nice. Not least of all, I’m also in the best romantic relationship I’ve ever had, and we are able to really consciously communicate with each other from a place of love, that’s really made possible by the greater understanding I have of my soul.” -Kat, Author

Spouse Reconnection: “When I began working with Jason my self-esteem had crumbled to an all-time low. I had lost touch with the Divine and its unconditional love. I had stopped caring about myself. The relationship I had with my husband of twenty two years was suffering. Jason helped me reconnect to my true power and true identity as an immortal soul. He took me on a journey that would lead me back to the abundance of worth and unconditional love available to me as a child of the One. As I began to reorient myself to this place of love within, I found myself able to love my spouse without condition. As soon as my husband felt loved by me unconditionally our relationship began to improve. I am happy to say that today we are deeply in love and consider ourselves blessed in every way. Jason’s coaching work has been to me priceless in creating love and harmony in my spiritual partnership with my spouse.

One of the beautiful things about Jason is that he’s so flexible, he can handle whatever is coming at him. . .We can go spiritual, we can go physical, we can go emotional, we can go business, we can go life, we can go health, we can go wherever we want to go, and he is totally there with me. . . I’ve worked with other people before but there’s something about Jason that’s different. This isn’t psycho babble, this isn’t psychotherapy, this isn’t psychology, this is healing at the level of the soul and Jason is the channel, he is the one that is bringing an energy through you that is just given to him from the Divine. Jason really can make miracles happen and I’ve been on the receiving end of that many hundreds of times now.” -Mia


Cultivate Love With Family Healing

Self-Expression: “I am a lady of 77 years old. At any age you can start to heal yourself. Jason has helped me a lot with my family relationships. Prior to when I first went to Jason, I had a lot of fear and could not express myself. He is teaching me to speak my truth, to be and love myself. The improvement with my family relationships are that I am more comfortable, I have more respect for my family and I feel I am treated nicer. I feel more empowered, I am a happier person, I have more peace inside. By anyone going to Jason, you open up, love yourself more, and you love other people too. -Rachel

Mom Helps Daughter Shift Tantrums: “My five year old daughter used to have temper tantrums since she was two. The last couple of weeks, however, her tantrums changed dramatically in their intensity and duration. At least twice a day she went through intense emotional phases, which would last almost 45 minutes. She also was not able to keep others safe. This means, she would bite, hit, throw objects and scream frantically. I was not able to hold her safely anymore. All I could do was keep myself and others safe. When I saw Jason I learned a simple thing that there are no “bad” or “good” emotions. And we can see them as colors surrounding us. And each color is beautiful. The following days, I looked at all those colors my daughter emanated. When she started having a tantrum, I focused on the colors and their beauty. I talked to her and her father about feelings being colors. We all played with that. “Mama, now you are all yellow and green...” she would say. As a big tantrum approached, I asked her, what color her feeling had. “It is black and it has sharp teeth and it wants to bite!” I only answered “yes” focusing on her color, black as the darkest black. “Wow, what a color!” We sat with that for a few seconds. And then I could see her body relax, and a smile showed on her face. It was not about loving and accepting my daughter, it was about loving and accepting anger. This shift is an enormous blessing for my daughter and our whole family. To love and accept anger means peace. And there is so much peace now in our hearts!!-Marion


Permanent Shifts With Root Issues

Root Healing: “Jason Nelson is a powerful medium. He has a profound ability to guide you into the depths of your suppressed emotions, find the root cause of them, and therefore create permanent, positive healings. I would recommend anybody hire Jason who is looking to deepen their Spiritual understanding of "them-self" and heal their past!” -Bradley, Coach

Permanent Shift: “Jason is amazing to work with. In just one session a permanent shift took place around a difficult area of my life that needed awareness and healing. I find him wise, kind and as interested in my spiritual progress as I am. -Susan, Flight Attendant

From Stressed Out to Self-Care: “I was confused, stressed out, overworked and sleep deprived when I worked with Jason. From the first session, he helped me to clarify my true heart's desires, and laid the plan to achieving them in a simple step by step fashion. I feel free once again to live my life in a wholesome way, and to give of myself to my career and family only the best, since I am now taking care of my needs first!” - Juliana, M.D.


Be Guided To Your Highest Benefit In Every Session

Results In Every Session: “I have worked with dozens of coaches and spiritual teachers over the years, and Jason is at the top of my list! He combines great Intuition and Presence with a polished and professional approach that delivers results in every session. I now model some of his techniques in my own coaching sessions so that I am more effective in my own practice. If you want to make great progress on your Inner Journey, too, then Jason will be a great choice. He is a magnificent coach!” -Paul, Coach

Accurate Intuition: “Now I understand why his clients always rave about him . . . the information that he shares with you is intuitive, wise, and most importantly, ACCURATE. I left his presence feeling very uplifted and that a shift had taken place within me due to the insights he shared. I highly recommend him.” -Michael, Teacher

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