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Intuition Training for Inner Guidance and Psychic Clarity


training se S7OKzkGeC 580wTranscend what you see with your eyes...

Feel the Magic of Touching the Invisible Universe!

Activate ALL FOUR CLAIRS: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Claircognizance. 


sensitizing yourself to the unseen spirit world ky rmMqykGgC 580wBring Your Real Life Questions and Tap into Real Intuitive Answers.

Read aura colors and see the past, present and future.

This Intuitive Support Training Is for Your Personal Psychic Development. But if you feel the 'calling', you have the option to do intuitive sessions for other people as a practitioner business - at no additional cost.

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Big Advantages of This Intuitive Development Program are:

timing is everything with prophetic visions est rmP30WgA 580w 1. You will learn the Psychic Retrieval® and Intuitive Charting Session Techniques that are structured to produce the most accurate intuitive results every time.

2. All four of your psychic senses are opened and developed in every session.

3. Develop as much as you want with this intuitive program, including being a practitioner for other people.

4. From the moment you register, you are supported in your development, by Jason and Melissa Nelson, and our global practitioner community is an added bonus to have like-minded friends who you can practice with. 

5. The program techniques were channeled to Jason Nelson from The Source so that every person is successful using them. 

More About the Infinite Possibilities of This Program!

how to invoke spiritual healing miracles SKjZKb0mj5g 580wWe Teach You About the Unimaginable Places of Psychic Potential:

Prophecy, Past Lives, In-Between Lives, Akashic Records, Life Contracts

Medical Intuition, Aura Readings, Seeing and Interpreting Colors, Reading People You’ve Never Met

Manage Your Energies as a “Sensitive”, and How to Not Take on Other People’s Energy

Intuition is Used for Any Desire You Have: Health, Wealth, Relationships, Life Purpose

This is What Happens at Each Level of All Our Programs: After Completing Level 1 you can use the session techniques with yourself and other students. Upon Level 2 Completion, you can also guide friends and family through the sessions to experience it for themselves. When you Complete Level 3 and Certification Requirements, you have the option to provide services to the public for compensation as part of your professional business. Students that want to create a successful business are provided promotional materials and guidance for their business. Completing All 3 Levels of this training will inspire lifelong personal mastery.

More about combining New Three® Trainings to open you up to all of your soul’s powers: Voice Channeling® is a spiritual communication program for spiritual healing and deep oneness with your spirit guides. Five Accomplishments® Coaching is a spiritual coaching program for soul-based subconscious healing and life purpose manifesting. Psychic Retrieval® is an intuitive development program to gain psychic clarity. Together they provide you the greatest spiritual success!

psychic testimonial toniThank you for sharing your incredibly powerful and clear process. I confidently know that everyone I refer to you will have success in connecting to their own source of pure guidance and wisdom. This has been a great gift in my life! -Toni, California USA

fac main testimonial monicaAn amazing intuition gym! Before I thought I was pre-dominate in one or two of those ‘clairs’ and I got to go expand my awareness and exercise those other muscles. This has opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for me and excitement of wanting to play and explore more of the psychic abilities and move forward in my life in such amazing ways. Thank You New Three® University! -Monica, Utah USA

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