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Psychic Retrieval®
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vc-main-jason-melissa.jpgJason and Melissa Nelson, the Founders and sole Teachers of New Three® University, have been teaching the Psychic Retrieval® program since 2005 and 2013 respectively.

Psychic Retrieval® is a three-level intuitive development program enabling you to “read” the past, present and future by using not just one, but all four intuitive senses: seeing (clairvoyance), hearing (clairaudience), feeling (clairsentience), and knowing (claircognizance).

Leading with intuition empowers you to choose your highest benefit in all life areas including health, relationships, family, spiritual growth, career, and life purpose.

You’ve been receiving intuition your entire life because it’s natural, like when you think of someone and they call or you finish people’s sentences. But Psychic Retrieval takes you beyond random intuitive hits where you’re able to rely on your intuition when you need it the most.

Students are guided, step by step, by Jason and Melissa, enabling you to reproduce Psychic Retrieval at home and continue making decisions intuitively to live your best life, connect to your true self, and know the highest benefit for you and your loved ones.

 Introduction Training 
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How is Psychic Retrieval® Different?

Use All Four Clairs for Accurate Readings
Psychic Retrieval® is more than a simple intuitive reading. It opens you up to your full psychic potential where you use not just one, but all four intuitive senses! People that do not use all four intuitive senses will use their mind to creatively fill in the rest, creating a less accurate reading. Our technique strengthens your intuitive muscles every time you use it, so the more you use it, the clearer insights you will have and the closer you will be to reaching your full psychic potential.

Unparalleled Depth & Connection
We are committed to the highest spiritual truth, providing unmatched depth and connection. The innate ability for using your intuition clearly is within everyone. However, it is greatly unrealized even in experienced mediums and psychics, who often face challenges in receiving clear, consistent information. Many professional psychics are not more than 50% accurate in their intuitive readings because they have reached a plateau in their development. Our divinely crafted technique ensures success for everyone to continue advancing, no matter what level they have reached.

Grounded Teaching & Live Interaction
Classes are practical and grounded, allowing for straightforward learning. We conduct live, interactive Zoom classes for immediate support and dynamic learning, where others often rely on pre-recorded or self-paced courses, offering less interaction and support.

Direct Access to Experienced Founders
Students have direct access to the founders, Jason and Melissa, in small classes (12 students per class) or one-on-one, benefiting from their combined 30 years of experience. Other programs tend to offer large classes with limited access to the main teacher and might be led by less experienced instructors, affecting the depth and reliability of learning.


Psychic Retrieval®: A Three-Level Journey

Psychic Retrieval® is a transformative three-level program, available in live small group classes or privately one-on-one, each offering a personalized, interactive experience, with an optional Certification. This course is for beginners, as well as experienced psychics. Everyone will go to the next level!

Psychic Retrieval 1: What to Expect in Your First Course

  • You will do 2 aura readings on yourself using all four clairs.
  • You will do 2 aura readings on another person using all four clairs.
  • You will do 2 more advanced readings on specific information you want to know using all four clairs.
  • Facilitate Psychic Retrieval for another student twice, enabling you to understand how to guide yourself at home after the training.
  • Enjoy an intimate learning environment, with a maximum of 12 students per class, allowing for personalized interaction, questions, and sharing.
  • Learn to easily use all four "clairs" intuitive senses: seeing, hearing, feeling, knowing.
  • See auras, intuitively read yourself and other people.
  • Understand safe, grounded readings, so you don't take on other people's energy.
  • Develop accuracy and confidence as a psychic.


  • Take home the step-by-step technique and insights to continue Psychic Retrieval.
  • Team up with fellow students to exchange Psychic Retrieval sessions outside of class.
  • Gain empowering, soul-based perspectives to continue using your intuition effectively.
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Psychic Retrieval 2 & 3:

  • Advanced intuitive skills, intuitive charting, and medical intuition.
  • Manifesting and changing energy in a space (space clearing).
  • Seeing the future, prophecy, interpreting visions and dreams.
  • Access past lives, life contracts, and in between lives.


  • For those aspiring to facilitate others, there is an option to become certified.
  • You will be qualified to successfully facilitate friends or offer professional services to clients.
  • Learn foundational aspects of starting a practitioner business.

Access future insights to help you.

Could you use intuitive insights into your major life areas?

Psychic Retrieval gives you access to answers about the future and what to do with them.

  • Will I meet my soul mate?
  • What do I do to manifest more abundance?
  • Should I stay or leave my current relationship?
  • When do I change careers and to what?
  • How can I heal this?

Intuitive clarity through life’s challenges.

I’ve taken all three levels of Psychic Retrieval and it’s really helped me feel clear during some challenging times. Intuitively exploring how to best care for my family’s needs and my own, helped me make decisions and simplified what was often overwhelming. In a recent Psychic Retrieval session I explored what would help me most with self-care and initially reading my aura I saw a yellow and orange cocoon around my body healing and recharging me.

I was then taken to a vision of an alter that I am to set up in my home where I can do my meditation, yoga and prayer in the morning. It really inspired me, as I saw the piece of furniture I need for the alter and my knowing confirmed this as my sacred inner sanctuary. Receiving this psychic recommendation was unexpected but I emotionally felt how this will make all the difference for me. I’ve gained so much from all three training programs – Psychic Retrieval, Voice Channeling and Five Accomplishments Coaching. These classes have helped me to feel centered in my soul, grounded and optimistic that I am following my life purpose path and all will be well. -Jacinta, Netherlands

Everything becomes less difficult. See the highest benefit.

The more I use Psychic Retrieval the closer I get to God! When I first learned intuition some 50 years ago, we didn’t have a format like this class, or know how we were using intuition, or have a way to strengthen our intuition.

I definitely recommend this class! When you get into the rhythm, frequency, vibration, and power of Psychic Retrieval, everything becomes less difficult on a daily basis because you have more assistance to be in the right place at the right time, meet the right people, all sorts of funny coincidences that aren’t really coincidences.

We don’t always understand why, but we have Psychic Retrieval where we can go and ask why. I get insights with all four intuitive qualities, and sometimes also my intuitive smelling. Using all four gives a broader picture and understanding that is much more complete, detailed and accurate. It’s really the best of the best when you use all four intuitive qualities, and it’s a step-by-step process that’s easy to do and that anyone can follow. I have never seen that anywhere else!

I get to see my highest benefit and choose anything I want to look at. With the Psychic Retrieval technique, I get so much information! Recently I explored what I need to be aware of over the next six months. In reading my aura, I saw beautiful azure blue encompassing my body with gold and that I need to slow down and take things one step at a time, being conscious and grounding. My intuition showed me how to approach my finances, spiritual work, ongoing learning, and where to put my energy. It was surprising and interesting. I really enjoyed it!

After Psychic Retrieval I feel more refreshed, energetic, have more peace and the answers to a question, maybe one that’s been nagging me for a while. It’s made my intuition much more active and accurate throughout the week. It’s like a brain path, the more you do it the easier it gets. It’s phenomenal! -Karen, Nevada USA

Open up dormant psychic senses.

It has been an amazing intuition gym, exercising our intuitive abilities, our inner seeing, inner knowing, inner hearing as well as inner feeling, all of the clairs. Before the training I thought I was pre-dominate in one or two of the clairs, letting the other clairs go by the wayside, figuring that's not my strength. But in the training I got to go expand my awareness and actually found how to go in and improve them. This has opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for me and excitement of wanting to play and explore more of the psychic abilities and move forward in my life in such amazing ways. Thank you, thank you, New Three University. -Monica, Utah USA

Psychic Retrieval is especially helpful for the skeptic, to show that intuition exists and there are not 1 but 4 ways to get the information. I used to think that I am not intuitive or that my intuition is unreliable, but Psychic Retrieval showed me that I am intuitive. In one of my sessions, it was an unexpected experience to describe what I was sensing. I tapped into how to bring my blood pressure down naturally. My vision showed me meditating and an understanding of how the alpha and theta state of relaxation would help me to trust and let go, be calm and relaxed. I knew how to change my diet and exercise to allow natural detoxification. I saw ways to trust and relax more. I found doing Psychic Retrieval to be very helpful and accurate and will always be grateful for New Three University helping me make the necessary intuitive shift. -Albert, South Africa

Explore healing with yourself and loved ones.

In first reading my aura in the Psychic Retrieval session I saw opalescent glowing skin, like a dolphin, shimmering, with all chakra colors swirling. I was shown how I am a spirit enjoying this physical experience and that everything comes from love. I directed my attention to how to best do my inner child soul-integration work, and I saw my inner child looking at me, recognizing me, the adult version of himself. I felt the love between us as my inner child learned he can trust in me and let go of limiting beliefs that are not serving either of us. It was a delightful, unexpected and an encouraging experience! -Pauli, United Kingdom

I received detailed insights about how to help my son and daughter during my second Psychic Retrieval reading. It was really fun and interesting to see where I could go with my intuition! I received detailed insights about being present for them, not pushing or wanting a certain result, and how just being there is important. -Val, Switzerland

Come with questions you really need answered.

I had a really positive experience with the Psychic Retrieval course. And I feel like I’ll be much better equipped to help my clients that I work with in the future. I also received really good inspiration and guidance for my own life. I had some questions that I really needed an answer for. I feel that I’ll be able to tap into that anytime in the future that I need guidance or direction in my life and it will be very helpful for me and my family. -Cindy, Utah USA

I just completed levels 1 and 2 of Psychic Retrieval and it’s the real deal. I had a really enjoyable time and learned a lot that is useful for living my life. -Gerry, California USA


Have fun tapping into the infinite knowledge of the Universe.

I just completed level 1 and 2 of Psychic Retrieval and it was a wonderful experience. Not only did I learn more about the four intuitive qualities of seeing, feeling, hearing and knowing, but I also learned how I use them in life. I learned how to retrieve information that I would like to know from the infinite knowledge of the universe by using my four intuitive senses. I highly, highly recommend this course for anybody to enhance their spiritual qualities and to gain insight. -Jennifer, California USA

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