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Jason and Melissa Nelson, founders and exclusive instructors of New Three® University, have passionately developed and delivered transformative training programs since 2002 and 2013, respectively. Their journey, led by divine spiritual guidance, culminated in the establishment of New Three University in 2016. It was born from a shared vision to help usher in world peace by showing individuals how to quickly develop their innate spiritual abilities with unparalleled depth and connection.

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Be Your Own Channel, Coach and Psychic!

Trainings are available in two formats: small live group classes or one-on-one with just you and the teacher. Divinely-crafted step-by-step techniques ensure success for everyone, no matter what level they have reached. Students learn how to live from their loving soul, channel spirit, and make clear, intuitive decisions for themselves and their loved ones.

Mediumship Certification Training: Voice Channeling®
Build a safe, healing relationship with spirit. Students learn techniques to channel spirit through their voice, delivering high-accuracy answers and insights, with ease and confidence. Suitable for beginners and experienced mediums. Whatever your belief in Higher Power and Spirit, you are embraced and the connection will be made. Join us on this incredible journey into connecting with spirit. Learn More

Spiritual Coaching Certification Training: Five Accomplishments® Coaching
Embark on a transformative journey into soul-based living with the Five Accomplishments to becoming one with your soul and experience the initiation of the soul. Participants discover profound healing and deep self-understanding using unique self-coaching techniques, enabling the shift from ego to soul-based perspectives and living in unconditional love. Learn More

Intuition Certification Training: Psychic Retrieval®
Step into your full psychic potential. Suitable for beginners and experienced intuitives to develop incredibly accurate readings, clear intuitive decision-making and aura reading. From the first time you use the Psychic Retrieval technique, you will activate all four ‘clairs’: intuitive seeing, hearing, feeling, and knowing so you can have the full picture to any situation. Learn More

Two Ways to Participate

Small Group Training: Ideal for those who prefer intimate learning environments with like-minded people, these live Zoom courses of 12 students or less are our most affordable option starting at $495. Once you enroll, you can request to be placed in a group with Jason or Melissa.

Private Training: 90-minute weekly one-on-one classes offer a more personalized experience via Zoom, Skype, or phone. Students can schedule their classes more frequently if a faster pace is preferred. Starting at $3,200, you can choose to train with Jason or Melissa. Use our contact form to request and schedule an initial conversation to ensure this is the best fit.

How Our Trainings are Different

Direct Access to Jason & Melissa
Direct access to the founding teachers, leveraging their combined 30 years of experience, unlike other programs that might offer limited access to the main teacher and are led by less experienced instructors.

Soul-Based Lifestyle and Tailored Learning
Every person comes to class in a different place with different experiences accumulated over a lifetime. Therefore, we guide each student step by step and answer personal questions to help students find a soul-based lifestyle where their soul, spirit, and intuition become integrated through weekly practice and daily reflections.

Loving Safe Space
A space of emotional safety is cultivated in every class so that students may share openly, disagree, and ultimately find their own truth and evolution.

Grounded Teaching & Live Interaction
Our classes are practical, grounded, and conducted live, offering immediate support and dynamic learning, where others tend to rely on pre-recorded or self-paced courses, which offer less interaction and support.




How to Begin Your Journey

Jason and Melissa’s unique approach, direct involvement, and the unparalleled level of access make New Three University an outstanding choice for individuals at all levels of experience, from beginners to the experienced, looking to achieve consistent results in spiritual and personal development in an atmosphere of safety, openness, and unconditional love.

To enroll, simply select the experience that resonates with you—and click ‘Learn More’ for further details. If you’re intrigued but unsure about the starting point that’s right for you, contact us and we’ll assist you with a brief consultation to explore the best path forward.

Enrollment Options:

Mediumship Certification Training: Voice Channeling® Learn More

Spiritual Coaching Certification Training: Five Accomplishments® Coaching Learn More

Intuition Certification Training: Psychic Retrieval® Learn More


I feel so complete, free and in gratitude to Jason and Melissa for their amazing clarity in moving people forward to their purpose. -Stephanie, Nevada USA

Are you wondering if you should take this course? The answer is YES! I have taken all three courses several times. Each time I learn more about myself. I'm able to implement new concepts into my daily life easily. I'm more grounded and focused. My perceptions of life and people have changed because of these courses. I love the use of the techniques. Each one provides a simple way to accomplish the goals in a step by step process. I have taken classes from Jason and Melissa. Both are excellent teachers! -Karen, Las Vegas USA

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