UPDATE 2021: Until States Reopen In-Person Events Are on Hold and Will Be Instead Provided by Video and Skype!

There is no other training in the world like this where you learn how to...

Develop and Accurately Use Your Own Spiritual Powers of Channeling, Intuition, Healing and Manifesting and

Become a Practitioner Guiding Others to Experience Their Own Spiritual Powers, Revealing Their Own Answers!

This is the New Paradigm of Spirituality Where Every Person Is EXPERIENCING Their Own Soul Abilities – Not Just Learning About Them or Going to a Psychic Medium for Answers – Now Every Person Accesses Their Own Soul-guided Answers!

Here’s how you get started!



Then Becoming a New Three® Practitioner Is For You!

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  • 60 Private Ninety-Minute Training Sessions with Founder Melissa Nelson + 4 Small Live Group Video Certification Weekends.

  • 7 Divinely Scripted Session Techniques to Walk Yourself and Clients Through A Profound Experience Every Time!

  • Bi-Weekly Video Calls with Jason and Melissa Nelson and our International Advanced Students.

  • Membership Portal for Advanced Students.

  • Business How-To and Promotional Materials for Certified Practitioners.

  • On-Going Access to Jason, Melissa and the New Three® Team for Questions and Continued Support After Your Training Completes.

50% of Our Students Join Our Program to Learn These Skills for Themselves,

And the Other 50% of Students Also Incorporates These Sessions into Their Own Spiritual Wellness Practitioner Business!



It’s Easy to Enroll

Trainings are done from the comfort of your location, over the phone or Skype. 

All of our programs were channeled to Visionaries Jason and Melissa by the Divine, in a way that works for everyone and we’ve had 100% success with every person…so trust they will be the answer for you too.

If you’d like to know details about each individual program, we have an informational page for each: Voice Channeling® , Five Accomplishments®  Coaching and Psychic Retrieval® .

How to Purchase: Click on your “Purchase Button”After you purchase, you’ll receive an email with everything to schedule your first training session!


NEW THREE®  Program Comparison

What You Experience In Each Program

Voice Channeling® 

Channeled Messages

Loving, safe support. Answers to your personal questions, directly from Spirt, sharing channeled messages through you!

Spiritual Healing

High vibration healing directly from the Divine to align, clear and balance you in miraculous ways!

Five Accomplishments®  Coaching

Manifesting Mastery

Align with your soul’s purpose and re-program patterns through subconscious healing and advanced manifesting.

Healing Limiting Beliefs and Emotional Resistance

Shift fears holding you back from unconditional love and soul-based living to reach your highest fulfillment.

Psychic Retrieval® 

Aura Energy Field Readings

Intuitively See Clair-voyance, Hear Clair-audience, Feel Clair-sentience, and Know Clair-cognizance the complete multi-dimensional picture of any situation, past, present and future.

Full Intuitive Access with All Four Intuitive Senses

Strengthen all four intuitive senses for clear and consistent access. It’s like going to the ‘Intuitive Gym’.



True Spiritual Mastery: 60 Ninety-Minute Private Sessions With Melissa Nelson at a Time That Works for You.
4 Small Live Group Video Certification Weekends TBD

$14,700 (Only $127/HR Private Sessions with Melissa and less than half that for the small live video certification weekends)


Voice Channeling

Five Accomplishments Coaching

Psychic Retrieval

Contact for pricing for Voice Channeling Only


Contact for pricing for Five Accomplishments Coaching Only


Contact for pricing for Psychic Retrieval Only




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