Would You Like to Join Us in a Safe, Loving Space to Develop Your Soul Abilities?

Our Soul-Based Workshops Give You What's Most Important

To Develop Your Intuition, Channeling and Coaching Skills

You Need Effective, Grounded Experiences that You Can Reproduce

What are your soul abilities?

They include: Spiritual CommunicationHealingIntuition and Manifesting.

Why does it benefit you to develop your soul abilities?
You'll be a happier person, manifesting your life purpose, in harmonious relationships,
and living a life that nurtures your passions and who you are as a soul.

You are Trained in Every Course How to Help Yourself, and How to Help Others.
This is the New Paradigm of Education.

You Receive a Very Grounded, Empowering Approach to Your Life and Spirituality!


Our Current Certification Training Programs


All trainings are for Beginners, Advanced Students and Professionals. No matter your previous experience, everyone takes big steps in every workshop. Our trainings are for personal development and professional ambitions.

In the workshops, you get step-by-step techniques, support, healing and answers that you've been wanting to know. You are empowered to explore all topics on your heart and mind:


Jason Nelson has channeled the vision for the trainings and taught them since their inception. Together with his Co-founder Melissa Nelson, the trainings, website, teaching manuals and books, and every major step is guided and manifested by their Spirit Guidance.

The benefits to taking our trainings is they truly give you a new approach to your life - insights and perspectives creating a soul-based reality. Through this new vision, you receive life purpose clarity, relationship harmony, increased health and wellbeing leading to longevity, greater ability to manifest abundance and moving into alignment with your true career purpose. The shifts and healing that occurs is at times miraculous and deeply transformative through the divinely channeled techniques and approaches you learn.

Be your own channel, spiritual coach and psychic!

Three different experiences to choose from. Each one focuses on everything you need to reproduce it anytime you desire. If you desire real guidance and healing from your higher power or Spirit, then Voice Channeling is the best program for you. As our most popular program, Voice Channeling provides you a grounded experience to channel Spirit through your voice to answer your questions and receive deep healing.

Our second experience Psychic Retrieval brings forth a psychic ability that many have thought was imposible to attain...All intuitive senses available to use for gaining insight and wisdom about your loved ones, health and your life purpose. Instead of limiting ourselves to just one sense like seeing visions or intuitive gut feelings, this experience brings them all into every psychic reading you do for yourself or others.

Our third experience Five Accomplishments Coaching provides you with a treasuremap to your soul. How do we change uncomfortable patterns that persist? This nonjudgmental coaching method is an invitiation to live as your most loving, purposeful soul-self.

For 20 years, Jason Nelson has taught people how to experience a new level of soul-based spirituality. Jason's wife Melissa has taught these courses for 8 years. We support you step-by-step through effective experiences that you will be able to reproduce whenever you need guidance or healing.

Most people prefer our small live distance trainings, because it's the easiest way to participate. They are just as effective. If you like the idea of a small group experience from the comfort of your home or office, contact us to discuss it further. Special one-on-one trainings can be arranged as well! For in-person events, reach out for locations near you.

Programs can be taken simultaneously and it is recommended to receive the most enriching experience and integration of your abilities.




Join Us! Take the next step by filling in your information below and we'll email you with what is available now to participate in and details of how you can enroll.

If everything sounds good, we can have a complimentary phone call as well. Let us know if you'd like to discuss it further. 

During our conversation we can discuss distance versus in-person participation, pricing and answer any questions you have to make the best decision for your spiritual success!


Trainings can be done from the comfort of your location, over the phone or Skype. 

All of our programs were channeled to Visionaries Jason and Melissa by the Divine, in a way that works for everyone and we’ve had 100% success with every person…so trust they will be the answer for you too.

If you’d like to know details about each individual program, we have an informational page for each: Voice Channeling® , Five Accomplishments®  Coaching and Psychic Retrieval® .



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