My Faith Walk with Spirit Was Proven to Me

my faith walk with spirit was proven to me 20131116 132746 580x387brightIn 2003 I was working for a natural body care company. Two years prior I had my epiphany with God-The Source, and since then had been talking to Spirit daily in channeling and working with them to heal my body and receive clear direction. I had so many problems and illnesses that Spirit guiding me completely healed.

I enjoyed my inside sales position talking to places like Whole Foods to get the natural care body line into stores. It was a pretty easy-going good job that paid well.

One evening I was home, taking a meditative fifteen-minute break lying down on my bed and all of the sudden the power of God-The Source comes to me and says, “Move, move north… move to Salt Lake City, Utah.” I had never been there, didn’t know anyone who lived in Utah and didn’t know anything about it.

“Wow, move…I have this job?” The Source said, “Go into work tomorrow and quit.” That was very scary for me because at that point I was twenty-seven, had a job and a great place to live, and had this spiritual thing I did where I was leading groups and doing sessions on the side. It was a major life change, a complete blind move to a location I knew nothing about. It was scary and there were a lot of subconscious things I hadn’t cleared yet that weren’t allowing me to go in the next day and quit.

The next day I was sitting at my desk sweating. I was feeling high adrenaline, fight flight fear, to where it’s so scary you can’t think, you can’t act, you’re almost paralyzed. I wasn’t able to get out of my chair to go into the Vice President’s office to quit. So I said, “You know what God, if you want me to do this, you give me a sign, you come in and you let me know.” And in that moment the power dumped into me and completely washed away all the paralyzing fear and gave me a strength of confidence to literally get up and take that step.

I didn’t wait because I knew that it was only five seconds ago that I was experiencing that paralyzing fear where I literally couldn’t get up. So I took advantage of this new feeling and stood up, confidently went in, sat down and told her that I was going to move to Utah. She was very understanding. She said, “Okay, great. I wish you the best. Do you want to leave now?” I said, “Okay, I’ll leave now.” There was an easy feeling of being able to return to the company should I ever desire to work there again, which was very supportive. I got my things and I left early that day. It was very harmonious. It was the most soul-based transition I could have imagined.

I have many of these kind of stories on the journey to Utah and what it provided. Spirit was my constant source of giving me the strength and clarity. My mind, my personality as Jason, would have definitely talked myself out of a thousand decisions of where I went from there. But when we follow Spirit in the most direct way, it is beyond the mind. When we effectively transform the resistant part of our subconscious mind, we can accept and act on any spiritual guidance. Spirit can explain things in a way that our mind can understand and accept, but there’s a lot of faith walk.

Until Spirit’s guidance turns into a proven fact, we leap forward with faith. We have faith and tell ourselves, “When I follow Spirit it works out. I do it and it works out.” After acting on faith a hundred or thousand times, your mind finally believes it as a fact. Your subconscious mind will then believe that even though it doesn’t understand why you’re taking this step that Spirit is asking of you, or that you’re concerned about it, it will work out. So you start taking steps and it’s easier each time you do. The way to receive this instruction from Spirit is with real direct clear two-way communication, which is Voice Channeling®.

Have you had that kind of experience with Spirit?

Spirit can guide you directly where it’s not left up to interpretation but you’re having a clear dialogue with Spirit. This is the every day miracle of Voice Channeling®. We’d love to teach you if you’re interested!

New Three® University teaches you how to have your own open dialogue with Spirit in Voice Channeling® Training

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