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Live From Your Soul Podcast

Dive deep into the realms of soul-based living in just 20 minutes per episode. Straight-to-the-point conversations on self-love, channeling, intuition, relationships, manifesting your life's purpose, and so much more. Every episode with Jason and Melissa leaves you with an actionable takeaway to ignite your soul!

Episode 18. The Power of Grounding: Unlocking Your Soul's Purpose and Potential June 14, 2024

The most important teaching I could ever share is about the true power of GROUNDING.

And I don’t mean just putting your feet in the dirt.

I am talking about an energetic phenomenon within you.

What do you gain when your consciousness is completely grounded in your body?

1. It’s the key to ending your incarnation cycle.

2. Accelerated healing: physically, emotionally and mentally.

3. It’s the only way to know and feel your soul.

4. It enables you to love and accept yourself.

5. You’re unaffected by the energy of people.

6. You have a greater power to manifest and create your soul’s purpose.

7. Meditation and personal transformation are far more effective, and…

8. It’s essential for accurate mediumship and psychic readings.

I know, these are big statements. And yes, it is that important. So follow along, and learn how you can save your soul lifetimes, by focusing on this one teaching.

With personal and spiritual growth, there are many paths and teachings, but the most important, most misunderstood, and undervalued, is being grounded.

Getting grounded is Accomplishment One of the Five Accomplishments to Becoming One with Your Soul. It states:

“To get grounded is to be fully present, so you aren’t missing your life experience. Being grounded means your mental, physical and emotional energies are in balance enough to allow your consciousness to be fully present in your body, so you can feel a much deeper connection to your soul. Being grounded opens up our natural healing process, because our energies are moving properly.”

Spirit channeled the Five Accomplishments through Jason in his first book Age of the Soul in 2006.

It is the most important focus for everyone, because it is your soul’s first priority while you are incarnated.

The impact on your life is immeasurable.

Right now, let’s do a check in with yourself to see if you are experiencing more of the grounded or ungrounded symptoms:

  • When you are more grounded, you tend to feel a focused, calm mind and stable emotional state, where you are aware of your body, thoughts, emotions and soul. This allows you to experience your greater spiritual self and view life from your soul’s vantage point.
  • When you are less grounded, you can feel more scattered and less present, sometimes just caught up in getting through the day, where you look back and it appears that the day just passed you by. Some who are ungrounded feel like, “where did the month go,” or “it seems like yesterday my kid was in diapers and now they’re off to college.”

Getting grounded is THE #1 most important thing you can do for your soul and your wellbeing.

Please take time to listen to this so you can have a greater sense of how grounded you actually are and learn the 8 reasons grounding is meant to be our first priority in life.