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Spiritual Life Coaching

with Melissa Nelson

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Welcome! I am passionate about supporting you to live your soul's purpose in every moment, because if you are not going to share your purpose with the world, then who else will.

My 14 years of experience both coaching clients and training coaches through my certification programs have given me everything I need to ensure your success.

I’ve mastered many coaching areas, so you won’t need different coaches for each area you want to focus on.

Topics I help clients with include Life Purpose and Career, Manifesting, Relationships, Self-Love and Healing, Releasing Limiting Patterns, Consciousness Behind Health Challenges, Spiritual Teaching, and Navigating the Awakening Process.

My soul-based approach is grounded and practical. It illuminates your life in ways you haven’t thought of before, allowing us to get much more done in less time.

By the end of each session we resolve your initial intention, provide you with actionable insights, and leave you feeling lighter and more empowered. We pace and tailor your sessions so you always move forward in a way that works best for you.

Let’s begin with a complimentary phone call where I’ll explain how the sessions work, discuss fees, learn about your goals, and if it feels like a good match, we can schedule our first coaching session. I look forward to supporting you in experiencing your most fulfilling life!

What You Can Expect

Realize Your Greatest Potential

Life Purpose & Career: Whether you want to expand your role within your industry or completely switch to something more fulfilling, even becoming an entrepreneur, I’ll help you find joy and purpose in your chosen path. We can even intuitively reveal your soul’s life purpose and integrate it into everything you do.

Manifesting: I’ll guide you in mastering your creative power, so you can accomplish far more with less effort.

Relationships:Whether you wish to improve and harmonize your current relationship or attract someone aligned with who you are, get ready to move forward.

Self-Love and Healing: Every session transforms and aligns you more with your loving, confident self.

Releasing Limiting Patterns: We will quickly shift any inner resistance that arises, freeing you from limiting patterns.

Health: We’ll reveal the consciousness behind health challenges, so that nothing needs to hold you back.

Spiritual Teaching: Any topic you want to learn, just ask. Intuition, oneness with your soul and the Divine, manifesting, channeling a book, and healing are just a few subjects that will enhance your spiritual lifestyle.

Awakening: Navigating the awakening process can be challenging. I’ll help you understand and integrate it, so you can feel empowered and connected on your journey to enlightenment.

Special Session Experiences

Voice Channeling® Sessions
Receiving Miracles from Spirit®

Spiritual communication, mediumship, in-body channeling, conscious channeling, spiritual healing

In a Voice Channeling® Session, you receive spiritual guidance and healing as spirit speaks through your voice directly.

You may think of “spirit” as God, Source, Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, Higher Self, Soul, Deceased Loved Ones, All That Is, Universe, Energy, Light. . .or by whatever name you prefer to call on your spiritual guidance.

Melissa guides you into having your own experience and communication with spirit, in a safe, loving environment. You may come to the session with personal questions about the past, present or future, or you and Melissa can create your questions together during the session.

Five Accomplishments® Coaching Sessions
The Life You Were Meant to Live®

Soul-based living, conscious & subconscious healing, manifesting, personal growth, life coaching

Each Five Accomplishments® Coaching Session deepens your experience of soul-based living. You will get grounded and aware of your life on the deepest level, so you can transform anything limiting you from living your soul’s love and purpose.

Accomplishment One opens up your natural healing process.

Accomplishment Two enables you to see your life clearly so you can begin aligning with soul-based experiences.

Accomplishment Three opens you to incredible conscious and subconscious healing to further your soul-based experience.

Accomplishment Four is an invitation to experience your soul's greater perspective. It is at this point you may truly surrender to your higher power providing you with greater confidence and faith in your life and purpose.

Accomplishment Five, Initiation of the Soul, is a powerful point in which you have aligned the majority of yourself with your loving soul and experience soul-based living from that point forward.

Melissa guides you step-by-step at your own pace of personal transformation, in a safe, loving environment. This is a nonjudgmental, soul-based space for you to share anything that comes up for you.

Psychic Retrieval® Sessions
Access the Infinite Knowledge®

Intuition, psychic reading, akashic records, medical intuition, aura reading

In a Psychic Retrieval® Session, you will open up your four intuitive senses of seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing to access information about a person, place or thing, to receive the full intuitive picture.

Intuitive senses are commonly known as the “4 clairs” of seeing (clairvoyance), hearing (clairaudience), feeling (clairsentience) and knowing (claircognizance). Instead of only interacting with one or two of your intuitive senses, you will access and use all four intuitive abilities in your Psychic Retrieval® Session.

Melissa guides you in sessions to build your intuitive muscles in a safe, loving environment. You may come to the session with one main intention about the past, present or future, or you and Melissa can create your intention together during the session.

Clients Share Amazing Experiences


Quickly Get to the Root for Lasting Change

Supportive Through Deep Transformation: “Melissa is very patient and understanding when you’re going through “the dark night of the Soul” and also very talented in giving students their confidence back and gives you the attention you need in order to develop your gifts.” -Val

Connect with Your Soul and Gain Confidence in Your Life Purpose

Moving Forward In Purpose: “I feel so complete, free and in gratitude to Melissa for the amazing clarity in moving people forward to their purpose.” -Stephanie

Be Guided to Your Highest Benefit In Every Session

Strengthening Spiritual Connection: “I like all the teachings that strengthens my base of my spiritual world. I’ve never had courses that are so instructive, step by step.” -Karen

Feeling Spirit: “For the first time since I was twelve years old, I felt my mom hugging me. She gave me beautiful messages. I felt completely healed after Voice Channeling my mother, more than any other kind of energy work session. I knew it was 100% genuine. Absolutely life changing!” -Lena Jo

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You're invited to schedule a complimentary phone consultation if you feel working with me could be the right match.

How Do I Get Started?
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  • Pick a Time to Talk: After submitting the form, you'll be directed to my calendar to select a date and time for our phone consultation.
  • Phone Consultation: I will call you and we’ll discuss your goals and explore how I can help. I’ll also explain how the sessions work and discuss fees. The consultation will last about 20 minutes.
  • Deciding to Work Together: The consultation is the best time to determine if working together is the right fit. If it feels like a good match, we can schedule our first coaching session. I look forward to supporting you to experience your most fulfilling life!