Live From Your Soul Podcast

Live From Your Soul Podcast

Dive deep into the realms of soul-based living in just 20 minutes per episode. Straight-to-the-point conversations on self-love, channeling, intuition, relationships, manifesting your life's purpose, and so much more. Every episode with Jason and Melissa leaves you with an actionable takeaway to ignite your soul!

Episode 16. Psychic Healing: Your Ultimate Power to Heal May 16, 2024

Psychic Healing is Manifesting. 

Psychic healing is using your four clairs or intuitive perception to manifest or create change in your body, mind and emotions, for the purpose of bringing a part of you into balance.

We do this by envisioning, intending, feeling and knowing what we want to create for our health and wellbeing, and if we put enough power behind it, and if we don’t have other beliefs resisting the healing, it will manifest.

You are already a Psychic Healer!

When you have the intention to balance your body with…

  • Pain relief
  • Curing a disease
  • Wanting to feel more vitality

…You are putting that thought out into the Universe to create a different experience for yourself.

But how do you build upon this ability that’s inside of you?

Today we share:

  • How to use each of your psychic senses to heal yourself – Psychic Healing with Clairvoyance Seeing, Psychic Healing with Clairsentience Feeling, Psychic Healing with Clairaudience Hearing, Psychic Healing with Claircognizance Knowing!
  • How to apply psychic healing mentally, emotionally, and physically.

You have the power to change your reality, to bend universal laws and overcome the collective consciousness of Earth.

Just because everyone around you believes in a limited power to create one’s reality, does not mean you have to.

You can decide today the way you will experience your inner power to heal and transform your life!

We’re sharing how you can use your four clairs to manifest change in your body, mind, and emotions, to bring yourself into balance.

Your psychic power to heal is an incredible ability just waiting to be developed.