What Spirit Guides Say About Soul Mates

what spirit guides say about soul mates G 5977 425 580wGenuine spiritual relationships are not as rare as some might think. Soul mates, twin flames, life partners, marriage. . . We are going to clarify the difference and similarities.

It is every person's destiny to be in relationship with another person. Relationships are our greatest opportunity to receive the spiritual experiences our soul wanted to have when it planned and envisioned this most beneficial lifetime.

Humans are not naturally meant to be alone or isolated; it goes against how the Source designed the incarnation experience on Earth of a soul existing in the human body. Most people feel drawn to be with someone, as a partner in life, for the short term or long term.

The length a relationship is purposeful, is solely based on how the relationship serves experiences that both souls wanted to receive. This is called a mutual benefit on a spiritual level. We don't always see or know what that benefit is when we're in the middle of it, but it helps us to consider indirect benefits or ones that aren't obvious.

There's no greater goal than to honor the journey of human contact and interaction, especially the mate that a human chooses for a long-term relationship.

However, two souls destined to meet does not mean that the two souls are soul mates or that the two souls have even incarnated together previously. It simply means that there was a purpose for them meeting. It's helpful to remain connected to the deeper value of a relationship.

Life partners, someone who you are meant or believe you're meant to journey life with for an extended period of time, quite possibly your entire life, has tremendous value in presenting you with spiritual and personal transformation, mentally, emotionally and physically. And you provide the same to them.

Whether a couple chooses to call this marriage or twin flame or any other label, is supportive to integrating the commitment and depth of the relationship.

However, true soul mates have more of a familial relationship, being birthed from the Source as a soul group at the same time with a bond that is long-term, spanning all lifetimes and the entirety of their soul's existence, providing opportunities to be life partners or not.

Soul mates will always be involved in the life or existence of their fellow soul mate. This involvement can take a number of forms, such as serving as a nonphysical spiritual guide during the lifetime of another soul mate.

The most important point to cultivate understanding of your soul mate is not asking the question, "Where are they on the planet and when will I meet them?" But simply ask, "What is their role right now in the greater realm of existence?"

For the person you are meant to journey life with right now, the question to ask is, "Who is the most purposeful person for me to spend my life with, and who can support my soul in achieving its experiences?"

This person may be a soul mate, if your soul mate is incarnated at this time, or it may be a soul that’s not your soul mate who you've incarnated and existed with previously, or a soul that is more or less new in this type of human interaction with you on Earth. Let that part be revealed after you meet them, over time, through meditation and the natural evolution of experiences together.

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