Spirit’s Prophecy Lighting the World

spirits prophecy lighting the world ok SX75JJMxC 580wcropbrightProphets come in two forms: the Spiritual Prophet who receives their future insight directly from Spirit, and the other type of prophet is a Psychic Prophet who taps into potential future outcomes with their psychic capability.

Prophecy literally means probability of a future outcome.

There are advantages to both ways of getting prophecy. A Psychic Prophet can look at future outcomes based on choices they’re making in the moment, and decide on the best choice based on the outcome they prefer most. This has daily practical application, especially for those of you who are Practitioners of some type in the Wellness Industry. Psychic Prophecy can greatly help you support your clients, or personally with family members and friends.

Spiritual Prophecy is typically the type of insight that comes to someone as an epiphany or “vision” or during the dreaming process. When Spirit delivers a prophetic insight they have calculated what you need to see and know, based on your purpose, life situation, strengths and challenges, and overall highest benefit. It’s nice when Spirit brings future insight, but it certainly happens when Spirit wants it to happen, whereas Psychic Prophecy can be used whenever a person needs it.

I am grateful Spirit’s prophetic messages have helped people through me in the form of published books, trainings, sessions, articles and the other various ways that Spirit contributes to others through me with my purpose.

The night I turned twenty-five was the first clear, ground-shaking epiphany I received directly from Spirit – The Divine. This visitation came out of nowhere, truly, but it was so strong and identifiable to me at the deepest level that I allowed it to happen and surrendered completely.

God came to me in my room and the first words were, “You will follow me sooner or later. This will decide your next step to mastery. Take my hand to the valley of consciousness.”

God spoke to me as a clear voice for hours that night, sharing a prophetic look at where my own life and purpose were going and where humanity was going. Everything the Divine told me that night has come true. Every word of this communication has been at the foundation of what I’ve seen in my life and in the world.

Part of what God told me was, “Existence is infinitely elaborate. Blueprints to existence are infinitely simple. Would I not create blueprints that everyone can understand and follow?” This part of the message has truly stayed with me every day of my life; it is the basis of every technique of every training for all of our programs.

The Divine created the techniques in our spiritual development programs so that every person can do it and be successful doing it, and develop into their fullest spiritual potential. Those of you who’ve gone through the trainings with Melissa and I have an experience of this. Spirit truly encourages you to give yourself permission to open up to your fullest spiritual capacity, the abilities of your soul with you right now: spiritual communication, intuition, manifesting and healing.

The Divine has told me, “We are now in the Age of the Soul, where everyone is remembering and aligning with the loving qualities of the soul. This is happening now with every person, no matter how evolved or unevolved someone may seem to you. Every human being alive is moving into a greater alignment with their soul now, because in this Age of the Soul, Spirit’s presence is stronger on Earth than at any time in the history of souls incarnating on Earth. This is helping and supporting humanity to move into world peace.” Please consider this. This is meaningful in that everyone is being helped now.

The only difference between one person and the next person is, How open are you to receiving the help that is here now, and what courageous steps are you taking to live a more soul-based life?

Everyone is helped and everyone is moving forward, even when it doesn’t seem like it. But by being open to this process of soul alignment that is happening in this Age of the Soul with the Supreme Divine Support consistently working with us, the forward movement into greater soul alignment and potential will feel easier and will happen faster. Let us celebrate this amazing time to be alive!

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