Spirit’s Abundant Support for Your Purpose

spirits abundant support for your purpose G 2349 2394 580x387croppedbrightSomething we all ask ourselves is,

• “I’m doing good, so where’s the support?
• “My purpose is about helping the planet, so why am I not being financially supported?”
• “If God really wants me to do this purpose, then why do I keep hitting blocks at every turn?”

You’ve probably thought something similar or felt it somewhere along the way in your purpose. Because let’s face it, we all face challenges and sometimes it does feel like “Where is the support?”

One powerful concept we want to understand about Spirit Guides and the Divine is that there is no judgment. What does this mean? It means that every contribution to the planet is seen equally by Spirit. “What!” you may ask. That’s right. Every person’s life purpose contribution, whether it seems like it’s helping the planet or not, is valued and accepted equally by every Spirit Guide.

A Spirit Guide’s job is not to judge our choices as ‘wrong’ or ‘right’. A Spirit Guide’s job is to help nudge us into more alignment with our soul’s nature and our soul’s purpose.

Remember, one can make their career a ‘spiritual career’ no matter what they do for a living. We especially need consciousness in the careers that seem less conscious.

There are actually many reasons, very personalized reasons, for why one experiences more resistance with their purpose than someone else. It is important to look at the individual life and soul purpose to understand where someone is, where they’ve come from, and their next steps forward into their soul’s vision. This is where support from the Nonphysical Universe – our Spiritual Guides – is just as vital to our success as support from the Physical Universe – Physical Guides, such as a coach or mentor. We need spiritual support here on Earth as well as from the higher planes of existence in order to fully succeed. Surrender and open up to the vast support, and watch yourself overcome blocks and challenges much more effortlessly!

While we have a clear vision of this moment, and even some of us have a clear vision of months and years to come, we still need someone to coach us through the perspectives we’re not aware of and the vision we cannot see. This is where a Spiritual Coach comes in and is incredibly important to us feeling a more effortless and productive life purpose.

A great spiritual coach can help someone overcome an obstacle that has haunted them for their entire life, in just a few sessions sometimes. This invaluable spiritual support is not a luxury but a necessity. Fortunately, our Spiritual Guides will be helping and guiding us no matter if we believe in them or not, or if we ask for their assistance or not – they are always helping. But here on Earth, we have to ask for help from physical beings, and so every person on Earth can really benefit from a physical practitioner helping them for the rest of their lives. Five Accomplishments® Coaching is designed to support a person to maximize the soul goals and soul destiny of this lifetime, for the whole lifetime.

There is a big difference between getting “hits” from the Universe that help you, and actively seeking a participation with your Spiritual Guides. This is a big deal for moving your life purpose forward into the most abundant, effortless experience that you can have.

Life is meant to be challenging, but we do not need to suffer with the challenges.

By leaning on Spiritual Guides, and practitioners in the physical, we will always be maximizing our success in fulfilling the vision and purpose our soul wanted us to experience.

No matter what we do in a lifetime, we are okay. We will have experiences that move us forward.

But deep within every human personality is a desire to do our best, and this is how we can achieve our highest potential: Open up and access Spirit with Voice Channeling® so those subtle hits can turn into clear vocal direction from Spirit that catapults you forward into a clear energy line of fulfilling what is most sacred to you, your contribution to the planet, with your family, your loved ones, your health, and your career and purpose.

Look at success as a holistic experience that includes all life areas as a result of fully tapping into your intuitive potential, the relationship with your Spiritual Guides and the vast soul alignment that will reveal your most clearest and true purpose.

I’ve helped many people over the years in my one-on-one coaching sessions by being their physical guide in maximizing their success of purpose, family, health and career. Let’s talk about how I can help you thrive with your life purpose in my one-on-one Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions. If you think this could be a fit, reach out, and I’d like to offer you a special opportunity to get started with me as Your Coach.

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