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psychics get the most value from your reading g BYEwgy4s5g 580wA Psychic Reading is simply reading information about a part of the Universe with our Nonphysical intuitive senses.

Sometimes we like to go to a professional to have them read an aspect of our life or the Universe for us, so that we can have insight to make the best decisions.

Other times we are the professional psychic doing the reading for someone and want to produce the most purposeful, effective experience for that client that comes to us.

The fact of the matter is, we are all constantly reading existence with our psychic perception because it’s a natural soul ability within us. But that doesn’t mean that many people are even aware of what they’re doing.

To get the most value from a reading for another human being, we want to look at a few things that indicate deeper value and accuracy, with information that is actionable.

1. The difference between a ‘Surface Read’ and a truer deeper read, is the difference between picking up on what a person is feeling and thinking about something in the moment, versus going beyond their surface thoughts, emotions, wants and desires to the most factual, valuable information and perspective about a situation.

This truer guidance can sometimes contradict what a person is hoping for.

Surface reads are more common than you’d think with professional psychics, because it enables a psychic to build upon a person’s current hopes and desires in a way that the person doesn’t close down. Many psychics are susceptible to the same desire we all have to be acceptable and by building psychic guidance on what is more acceptable to the client, it manipulates many times unknowingly, for the client to accept the psychic and believe in them more.

2. There is a difference between giving a prophetic insight by itself, such as, “You will meet your life partner and it will happen soon,” versus a prophetic insight about the future that is a complete picture of understanding that provides the individual not only with the event, but:

actions they must take leading up to the event for it to happen,
• how their life will change as a result of the event happening,
pros and cons,
• and many other pieces that build a full psychic picture, often left out in psychic readings.

3. Many readings are related to prophecy.

Questions like, “When will this happen?”, “When will I meet this person?”, “When will I get a job?”, “When will my health improve?”

Since the future has not happened, the future is changeable, meaning probable timelines are in a person’s power to change.

This is why it’s always important to include personal growth options based on what a person needs to accomplish within themselves to achieve a certain result by a certain time.

Timelines are based on, given a person’s current behaviors, when will an event happen, or what behavior does a person need to change in order for an event to happen by a particular time.

This addition to a reading is advanced and not typically part of what one would experience with their Psychic Reading. Our Psychic Retrieval® Three-Level Certification Training provides you with the most advanced tools to facilitate the most expansive Psychic Readings. Whether you are a beginner or a professional wanting to enhance your experience for clients, please consider adding this enhancement to your life.

Working with a Spiritual Coach is the best way to change and accelerate your life purpose timeline. Bring into your next coaching session not only your intention of what you want to achieve or manifest in your life, but also consider the timing that you want it to happen in, and the aspects of yourself to transform to help you reach your goals in the timeframe you’d like to reach them. Combined with your Spirit Guides’ advice and your own intuitive perception, Spiritual Coaching sessions can really accelerate your ability to manifest.

In working with my Spiritual Life Coaching clients for fifteen years, and some of my current active clients for a decade, there is certainly an irreplaceable value in ongoing soul-based coaching sessions. I find new clients come to me with initial pain points of one or two areas of their life that cause them such a degree of discomfort that they’ve put the effort in to connect with me and start coaching sessions. But once the initial areas are resolved, then it’s about moving beyond resolving pain into expanding fulfillment.

Purpose expansion, fulfilling every area of your life with more joy, abundance and passion is the ongoing coaching process, and the value of having a coach that you meet with regularly who is effective with helping you take the next BIG expansion leap forward. This is what I love most about my own coaching practices is the devotion clients have to stepping into unlimited fulfillment and potential because there is no ceiling and the sky is certainly not the limit. There is no limit.

Your Spirit Guides are deeply aware of your life purpose, greatest potential, and realistic timing for each step along the way, so it’s always extremely valuable to go to your Spirit Guides for confirmation and understandings that you may have missed with your own intuitive reading on a situation.

The value of powering up our own psychic senses is that they are accessible each moment for us to tune into the best decisions for our self. Something as simple as the best food or supplements to take to expand energy and wellbeing. But Spiritual Guides will always be able to confirm or redirect that intuition we get, and more importantly, give us a different perspective and additional details about the same decisions.

Where is Your Greatest Passion Right Now? With:

• your business
• being a parent,
• attracting more abundance,
• health and healing…

Because wherever your greatest passion is, that’s where you should especially go to Spirit for that detailed guidance. Spirit will always be able to enhance the intuitive and intellectual discernment that we come to on our own.

What’s next for you – what insights do you need to direct your steps forward?

New Three® University teaches you to be your own Psychic in Trainings

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