Expressing Clear Love in Relationship Crisis

expressing clear love in crisis x 7498 640 580wHigh emotions can greatly reduce happiness and intimacy, leading to pain and suffering.

Charged-up relationships feel volatile. How do we turn a triggering situation with someone into an empowering opportunity to feel abundant peace and happiness?

The short answer is to love yourself, which allows you to love others, but this is how you get there:

My relationships with close family and my life partner is highly emotional at times. We know this is part of being human in today's world. We can experience heightened emotions with loved ones.

People show a spectrum of love, and that is what we really want to remember when understanding the path to feeling more love. Our love is expressed clearer sometimes than others.

Holidays, big transitions, and differences of opinion, often shine light on the parts of us that express unclear love.

At the seven-year point in a relationship, many couples have talked about it being a point of challenge.

You may know that Melissa is my personal and professional partner, and we experienced this pivotal seven-year time as our most *challenging* and *opportunistic* year recently. We asked the question, "What is our next step?"

Our answer was, "Embrace the extreme light illuminating the unclear love, breathe, feel, hold hands, and move through it."

Within this most challenging time, we faced the opportunity to love more abundantly, and decided to get married. We focused more energy on the clear love, so that the unclear love could be understood and recreated.

Relationships create this opportunity for all of us, but so do career transitions, financial setbacks, as well as health crisis. We have so many opportunities each day and year to see how we are expressing love unclearly, so we can choose to love stronger and more abundantly.

It's important to keep as much, or more energy, on the clear ways we express love. We look at who, how and when we express clear love. This process aligns us with 'soul-based love', or true, real love.

This journey into expressing clear love and the path of soul-based living is absolutely a patient, courageous journey. It is not easy all the time. In fact, the soul-based path is always challenging us. But it's how we choose to experience these challenges that make the big difference of whether we feel pain or peace.

Tips to express more abundant clear love:

1. Pause and be patient, because it's healthy to step away to breathe and understand the situation.

2. Ask for professional help. Friends are great, but biased, untrained advice can actually make it worse for you. I've seen this unprofessional advice break up marriages with children and take people off path.

3. Join a community of like-minded individuals who want to pursue soul-based living with you!

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