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New Three University

Premiere Spiritual Development

Soul-Based Living Ignites World Peace

Jason and Melissa Nelson have taught soul-based living, channeling, spiritual coaching and psychic development since 2002 and 2013 respectively.

New Three University was formed as a vessel for the spiritual trainings to help usher in the new consciousness for humanity. "Three" represents Oneness of SourceBody and Soul.

Humanity’s destiny is soul-based living. Everything we do helps make your spiritual journey more safe, effective and exciting, while grounding it practically into your life.



Check Out Our Podcast
Live From Your Soul

with Jason and Melissa Nelson

Straight-to-the-point conversations on self-love, mediumship, intuition, relationships, manifesting your life's purpose, and so much more!

Episode 1. Live From Your Soul: True Unconditional Love

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Mediumship Certification Training: Voice Channeling® Build a safe, healing relationship with spirit. Students learn techniques to channel spirit through their voice. Learn More

Spiritual Coaching Certification Training: Five Accomplishments® Coaching Discover profound healing and deep self-understanding for living in unconditional love. Learn More

Intuition Certification Training: Psychic Retrieval® Step into your full psychic potential, incredibly accurate readings, clear intuitive decision-making and aura reading. Learn More

Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions with Jason He helps you to quickly resolve life areas that feel stuck or where you’d like to manifest a different experience! Schedule a Complimentary Consult. Learn More

I feel so complete, free and in gratitude to Jason and Melissa for their amazing clarity in moving people forward to their purpose. -Stephanie, Nevada USA

new three university jason nelson


For over twenty years Jason has been a Channel and Spiritual Teacher for the Divine through trainings and books, along with assisting clients in Spiritual Life Coaching sessions. He is grounding soul-based living for humanity.
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new three university jason nelson


For ten years Melissa has been a Spiritual Teacher and Soul-Based Life Coach. Teaching the content channeled through Jason, Melissa brings the depth and magic of soul-based living to all students.
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