Your Soul’s Voice From Ego to Love

Your soul’s voice guides your every step because you are your soul. So why doesn’t it always feel like your inner voice is there leading you forward. . .and how do you break through the ego to amplify your soul’s loving voice?

Imagine that your humanity or human personality includes your mind, emotion, body, the way you look and your total physicality, and it represents a pane of glass or window. Whether your human personality choses ego-based alignment or soul-based alignment determines if the window to your soul is colored severely or completely clear.

When you’re coming from ego, your glass is clouded or colored. The more you come from your loving soul, the glass is clear and transparent. Having a transparent, clear window to your soul shines the most powerful, clear light of your soul through to be seen, felt, and known by the people in your life and the whole world.

This metaphor is important as we reveal, understand and transform ego-based perspectives into the perspectives and energies of our loving soul. This soul-based alignment produces the most magnificent, beautiful soul light, and when people come in contact with this pure light they are forever touched and changed. The clearer your soul light shines through, the greater impact you have on helping humanity achieve world peace and harmony.

To reveal, understand and align more with your loving soul:

1. Reflect on the moments you felt unconditional love and acceptance, and how peaceful and harmonious it felt.

2. Notice in what way you have felt a calling to help the world, and how following that calling feels, and how it may help your life evolve.

3. Imagine ways you can serve the Creator and fulfill Source’s greatest vision for this planet.

The process of personal evolution, becoming the most soul-based loving version of ourselves involves taking on a realistic viewpoint of our beliefs, how we think and what we feel. We are asked to seek out how we can be more loving in every part of our life.

As you’re opening up your awareness about yourself and the places to grow, it can feel overwhelming. That is certainly true for me, where I’ve found myself creating what seems to be an endless list of personal growth topics. We may ask, “There are many places in my life where I don’t feel like I can be unconditionally loving and accepting, so where do I start?” Honestly, just pick one and don’t worry about it being the ‘perfect’ choice. Jump in and explore the challenge further.

We teach a lot of personal transformation approaches in our programs, but a simple ‘go-to’ for many people is journaling out thoughts and feelings, fully venting, and then one’s perspective changes and solutions become clearer.

As you are working on yourself say, “My Best Is Good Enough.” The only way you will feel like a failure is if you are not patient with yourself. So please breathe and release, so you may relax and become grounded into your body and soul.

When you are wanting to receive guidance from your Higher Power, it’s greatly dependent upon how clear the window of your personality is. Just as your soul’s light is spiritual energy shining through you, the light and information from your higher power or spirit guides is also clearly received when your personality is in soul-based alignment.

Typically as a person goes about their day there are distractions and triggers that make it feel challenging or impossible to feel the connection with the energy of their Higher Power.

Most meditations of every type, helps you to center and clear. Meditation is designed for this purpose to ground a person into the energy of their loving soul, which at least temporarily is like washing that window of the personality so it’s clearer. This allows spiritual healing and communication to feel more available and real.

However, the benefit of our Voice Channeling® Program is that you’re provided a technique that clears your personality and also guides you through a process to have the greatest opportunity for healing and divine information to come forth from your Higher Power. It’s not a meditation where you just ‘sit and see what happens’ but an entirely guided process that gives you spirit contact every time.

Part of the process of revealing your soul’s inner voice is understanding how the soul communicates with the part of us that is the human personality, the physical, mental, emotional part of us. You’ve certainly had intuitive impressions in your life about your life direction, best decisions and overall feeling and knowing of who you are as a spiritual being of love. Some of you have noticed this more than others. By bringing your psychic senses fully online and opening them up, provides you the greatest comfort and feeling of safety. You’re aware of who you really are as a soul.

Much of people’s fear about life is about feeling unsafe and subconscious fears about life and death – basically feeling okay no matter what is the goal. But to feel safe and empowered no matter what, is to connect psychically or intuitively with your eternal, infinite most expansive spiritual self.

This balance of being grounded in the physical with your physical senses and being grounded in your soul with your nonphysical senses is your greatest advantage to not just hearing your soul, but fulfilling your soul’s life purpose!

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