Your Psychic Switch Is Always On

your psychic switch is always on ky BmPhi0bxA 580x387 saturatecroppedYour psychic switch is always on, but for most people it’s only a small percentage of their total perception.

For us to transcend what we see with our eyes and feel the magic of touching the invisible universe we need to raise our psychic percentage to be the majority of our total perception of ourselves and life around us.

Right now the world operates from a place of relying on their physical senses of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste to understand and navigate life with only a very small percentage of psychic insight being used.

By relying on intuitive seeing, feeling, hearing and knowing and using our physical senses simply to back up and enhance what our psychic senses are already showing us, we will feel the full empowered potential we are capable of!

Here's an example of the difference of operating life from our physical senses or psychic senses:

Situation: Your daughter loves theater but said she decided to not audition for the play this year.

Physical Senses: You assume she doesn’t want to put in the extra time after school and is getting older now and may want to explore a part-time job instead. You say, “Okay, I understand” and move on with your day.

Psychic Senses: When you hear your daughter say she decided not to audition, you pause for a moment and receive the vision and intuitive understanding that she does actually want to audition, but thinks she isn’t good enough compared to the other classmates planning to audition. She is becoming more self-conscious and lacking self-confidence. You then receive a strong feeling and knowing that she will receive a part in the play if she auditions and will become more confident and make new close friends, and that it will benefit her to participate. You set the intention to receive the words you can best say to help your daughter. The intuitive words come into your mind and you speak them as they come in. After the conversation with your daughter, she has changed her mind and is now going to audition.

What do you think about the example and how it would practically help you to view the people and situations in your life primarily from intuition?

Ask yourself,
Do I want to lead my life from the limitations of my physical senses or from my unlimited psychic senses?

You are capable of receiving infinite wisdom to change the course of your every day life.

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