Your Life Purpose Calling in the Age of the Soul

your life purpose calling in the age of the soul t r d4W3Plsg 580x387brightFulfilling Our ‘Life Purpose’ is what matters to many of us. We want to feel purposeful in our life. We’re talking about Finding Your Calling.

The pursuit of feeling and knowing what you’re meant to do is exciting! Our most passionate calling is fueled from the challenges we overcome.

Remember this life is a growth opportunity for your soul and not designed to be an ‘easy ride’. One’s life purpose calling, like anything else in life, calls us to take action and overcome obstacles.

In order to effectively, abundantly and charismatically live your true calling, first take in and experience this fundamental truth:

One must be fulfilled with where they are and ideally see the purpose in what has led them where they are, in order to effectively, abundantly and charismatically live their true calling.

In 2003 Jason was working inside sales for a natural body care company. He was in daily communication with Spirit through Voice Channeling®. Jason would ask Spirit when he can leave his job to do his spiritual work full time. Spirit told him, “You will leave this position and do your spiritual work once you don’t want to leave the company, and you are truly fulfilled with the position to where you don’t want to or need to leave.” A few months later, Jason had the mindset shift with his position at the company and that’s when Spirit came to him and said, “It’s time to quit your job and move out of state.”

In 2011 I, Melissa, was working for a textile printing company, and also working with Jason every weekend on his Spiritual Coaching and Teaching business. We had been personally together for about a year at that point. I began asking Spirit, “When can I leave my job to be a part of this spiritual purpose full time?” Spirit told me the same thing as Jason almost word for word. Later that year my mindset had changed and Spirit also gave me the approval to quit my job to work in the spiritual business full time.

The process of shifting into this mindset is a powerful one and it was difficult for me at first.

Many people, like myself at the time, find themselves yearning for change and believe their problems appear to outweigh the benefits…and something else seems much more exciting. It takes effort to create a whole new mindset of seeing exactly where one is today as the most purposeful place to be.

With Spirit’s teaching I began little by little and soon it became strong and easy for me to see all of the benefits of my position and how it did access my skills and was providing for me in so many ways. I began to love and value my job again! Then Spirit said, "It is time to give notice."

This is an important teaching in Spirit’s eyes because the greatest advantage into transitioning – whether it be your career, relationship or anything else – is to do it from a soul-based, fulfilling energy so that you take that energy into your new experience!

Moving away from an experience when you're feeling dispassion or crisis may carry the unpleasant energy into your next new experience. Many people find that with career transition they change positions and soon enough want to change again.

It’s true a common way people have made changes is from crisis, suffering and pain literally pushing them to a new experience, but we need to see that motivation as part of the old paradigm. This has been useful when someone is desensitized to their intuition, Spirit and their soul, or have fear of taking steps forward. But there is a new way to transition and ascend into expanded levels of our life purpose.

How you can know your next life purpose expansion step and manifest it is by:

1. Seeing that everything has led you to this moment and it has mattered. Really be able to see this through intuitive and spirit guided processes, as well as introspective pursuits of spiritual coaching to build self-awareness and see connections.

2. Feel purposeful with who you are and what you’re doing today. This will align you into the vibration of meaning, passion and your soul.

3. Approach your life from a place of fulfillment instead of lack. This will build your new life path vibration so you can experience your true calling from a place of fulfillment! This step is not small. If you have resistance in this area use spiritual coaching to find the subconscious thought patterns that are not permitting you to feel fulfilled right now.

You can experience your life calling and share your purpose contribution from a place of lack, but it certainly won’t feel as fulfilling nor will you be able to share it in the most impactful way.

Your true calling is meant to be felt and known with every breath you take and every moment you are inspired by life. Expand beyond what you could have imagined for yourself!

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