Your Desires Have Manifested – But There Is So Much More

your desires have manifested but there is so much more MG 7910colorbright580x387Songwriting became a passion of mine at eleven years old. I turned clever phrases into lyrics and melodies. But it wasn’t until I was living in Los Angeles at twenty-five that I aligned my conscious and subconscious energies to actually manifest a music producer to record me as a singer songwriter. As fantastic of a life purpose dream being a recording artist was for me, it wasn’t the path my soul had planned for me.

My spirit guides worked hard to get me on my truer path that my soul intended for me. Just two years later at twenty-seven I met my husband Jason, and it was at that point I began my soul’s true life purpose calling.

Fortunately my conscious and subconscious had already begun aligning with this path the previous year through my introduction to spiritual explorations like communicating with spirit, psychic perceptions and receiving intuitive readings. So when I met Jason and was presented with the opportunity to be personal partners, as well as founding New Three® University with him, everything in me knew it was 100% what my soul wanted. I had been guided to my soul’s true calling and I was excited!

As for my personality, emotionally and mentally, it has been the most incredible journey over the past ten years. Just through the everyday miracle of Voice Channeling® my spirit guides, I’ve experienced and received:
• Universal wisdom of the physical and spiritual world,
• Prophecy with my purpose and role in the world,
• Proof of life after death and of our soul’s eternal existence!

The journey is miraculous and also challenging to become the most soulful, purposeful person I can be. It’s challenging for us to grow into the person that our soul wants us to be to best serve the world through our own life purpose. But it is equally fulfilling and magical when we choose the path of our soul. I look forward to this journey for the rest of my life!

My singer songwriting story illustrates that I consciously desired something and got it, by getting every part of my subconscious into alignment with that desire. When we do that our desires manifest physically. However, because it wasn’t my soul’s purpose in this life, the Universal assistance moved me away from it into my true purpose calling.

Now with my path today, I have the full support of Spirit as well as the Law of Attraction because every part of my existence is moving forward in unison together. When we activate this level of manifesting, we can feel assured that we are reaching a higher potential for our soul in this lifetime. Meaning, we’re able to receive more of the experiences that our soul needs to complete its greater destiny.

Aligning your conscious and subconscious mind with your soul’s desire and plan for this life is the trifecta of receiving the infinite universal support of Creation to manifest your highest benefit in this lifetime!

Remember that your soul’s purpose is every part of your life – it’s your career, your relationships, where you live, health experiences and everything else. Everything is purposeful and indicating to you what may be more or less aligned with your soul’s plan.

To identify your soul’s plan and align your conscious and subconscious energies with it is what our three certification trainings were designed to do. Please consider starting our trainings. We all need Divine support now more than ever.

We use our own teachings and session techniques every day to maintain alignment with our life purpose and shift the perspectives and stories that are not aligned, so we can continue expanding higher and higher.

New Three® University teaches you how to align with your soul's purpose and communicate with Spirit in our Trainings

Photo: Jason and Melissa Nelson by Valerie Tabor-Smith, 2014.

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