Why Your Deceased Loved One Transitioned

why your deceased loved one transitioned nd HXOpN1Mg0 580wPeople will transition in our lives, because that’s part of life.

Sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t understand why it happens, or why it happens to this person at this time. But there is always a reason for every soul’s transition into the Nonphysical Universe.

Something that we want to keep in mind is that with every transition there is a unique story behind it and illuminating the story can be incredibly healing for those that knew the person.

Through that story comes a familiarity with the soul itself, the vibration, the expression of the soul of the person.

why your deceased loved one transitioned 360x240My father, Dave, transitioned last week, at 67 years old. In the initial minutes I received the phone call from my Uncle about his transition, I felt my dad with me and he spoke to me in my mind.

In the coming days, Dave spoke through my voice and shared how his eyes are wide open now. With his expansive soul vision, he sees how much myself and my other family members had gone to great lengths to help him in his final years. He expressed his deep love for me. I could feel it.

The experience now with his soul essence is quite different, and way more expansive and loving, than a person is capable of when they’re physical.

The relationship you have with a soul after its transition can be rewarding for you as closure, continuing the relationship with that soul, and experiencing a healing relationship you never had with the person now through their soul.

Without the confines of the body and the emotional and mental energy fields, and the aspects of the life that make us human, the spirit or soul is free and unlimited to express its love and support in miraculous ways.

Openness to following a loved one’s transition to spirit means to follow, quite literally, the new expression and vibration that they are as spirit and learning to live with it and them in a new exciting way.

The soul may often come to us as the form and use the voice of the person we knew, but without the limitations and conditions from physical life. The soul can express love and support you abundantly without limitation.

My favorite part of a transition is that it’s like a new relationship has been found, and those who are open to finding it, experience a version of their loved one that is much more than when they were human.

When most people communicate with their deceased loved ones, they ask, “Are you okay?” Truly the clear answer is always unequivocally, “YES, I am amazing.” Because our loved ones are not encumbered by the challenges of the physical life that were present before they transitioned.

You may choose to instead ask your deceased loved one questions like:

  1. Can you share about the purpose of your transition, and the timing and circumstances around it?
  2. What would you like me to know that you may not have shared with me when you were physical?

This will illuminate an understanding for you that will create profound peace and healing.

If you don’t have your own clear communication process with your spiritual guidance and deceased loved ones, join us for a private Voice Channeling® Session so you can have these questions and any other questions you have, answered for you.

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