When Your Intuition Leads You Astray

when your intuition leads you astray ght rQ ByGxA 580w brightWe’ve all felt this at some point:

“My intuition led me astray and I didn’t end up where I thought I would. What’s going on?”

It doesn’t feel good to believe that we are empowered in a direction with information from a soul level, only to find that it doesn’t seem to pan out. This directly hits on triggers in our subconscious mind around doubting, confusion and second-guessing ourselves.

People commonly experience things like:

• Getting intuition to move forward with a partner, only to not have it work out.
• Feeling to purchase something that will be ‘the solution’, but the problem did not get resolved.

So, was your intuition incorrect? Three of the most likely answers are:

1) Your intuition was accurate and you were meant to move forward in the direction you did. Though things did not turn out the way you hoped, it does not mean you were not meant to have that experience. Everything happens for a reason and sometimes we don’t understand the purpose of an experience for months or even years.

2) Your intuition was accurate, but the outcome changed due to free will of you and others involved. Free will is our greatest gift from the Creator, but it also means that at any point, someone’s decision can create a challenge for you.

3) What you thought was an intuitive hit was actually your personality’s desire for something. An intuitive hit could also be mistaken for a simple thought that was passing through your mind.

The best thing you can do is to learn from each intuitive inaccuracy. But keep moving forward. Don’t stop or give up on strengthening your intuitive muscle. Be patient with yourself in the process of following your intuition.

Your intuition is like learning a new language. It takes time and dedication to learn all the subtle nuances of your four intuitive senses.

Our path to intuitive accuracy is practice.

We get a deep soul sense of intuitive direction in every Psychic Retrieval® Session. This creates a better feeling about the outcome.

All of our intuitive senses of seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing are accessed and used to create a full intuitive picture in a Psychic Retrieval Session. There are no missing pieces. It’s like going to the ‘intuitive gym’ to strengthen your accuracy.

The infinite knowledge of the Universe is available to everyone. Allow your soul to intuitively guide you into your most purposeful, prosperous steps!

New Three® University guides you into your own intuition in Psychic Retrieval® Training and Sessions

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