Two Souls As One – Love Is For Everyone

two souls as one love is for everyone 0 9799 28 580x387brightUnconditional Love is the deepest foundation of every Universal Law in Existence. But what is it? What is this intangible power?

Unconditional Love = Unconditional Acceptance.

Remember this doesn’t mean you’re agreeing. It means you are accepting, which is complete detachment. One can feel deep compassion and be detached at the same time. One can completely disagree and accept at the same time. Accepting is not sacrificing your truth of being.

Acceptance is being grounded in reality and embracing reality for what it is in the moment. But in the same moment, you may have a vision for how you want reality to become different without a “need” for it to be different.

Does this make sense?

This explanation I have shared is the interesting balance of living as a soul in physical form and choosing unconditional love in this moment, given the circumstances that are happening in the world around you. When you use Five Accomplishments® Coaching, which is a specific sequence of sessions to sync into your soul’s rhythm, you realign each part of yourself to be in the vibration of unconditional love. You also become fully grounded in the current events of this world, which gives you the power to change them!

Our soul doesn’t want to escape life situations. Truly, our soul wants to be completely present here now.

One of the most effective ways to be present and face what is happening around you is by holding the hand of another person that you are journeying life with in this moment. Experiencing two souls as one is the most wonderful, fulfilling experience of unconditional love that we can have in the Physical Universe.

This is a goal and our path forward to achieving this goal is aligning more and more of ourselves with the qualities of soul-based living, or unconditional love. Hold the hand of a fellow brother or sister soul, become one with them, and together step forward in unison to strengthen your conviction of being unconditionally loving and accepting of yourself and the entire world!

One of the greatest blocks of why we don’t desire to unify with other people is the block of not feeling comfortable, safe and supported by them. Sometimes we don’t feel the desire to unify with another person because of a real issue with them, a real behavior that is preventing that from happening. But often times it’s a subconscious projection onto other people, a belief or perspective that we picked up in our lifetime that limits our ability to connect and unify with other people.

Unveiling your intuitive potential through the intuitive development process we teach called Psychic Retrieval® gives you a clear, open window into a person’s life and aura, so that you can perceive an understanding of who they are and why they do what they do. It is in fact understanding another person that opens up the potential for unifying more deeply with them.

Understanding also brings an empowerment to our own subconscious mind that may feel threatened at times by other people. Intuitive understanding will absolutely open your pathway to loving more and connecting deeper with other people. The ultimate goal of course is Oneness with fellow souls in physical form.

This ultimate experience will happen when:

• walls are dissolved
• disagreements are embraced and even cherished, and
• uniqueness is valued as the diversity we are meant to experience in life

Allow intuitive development to give you the gift of Oneness through Understanding!

The best example for what it feels like to be One with another person’s soul is to experience immediate spiritual unification with your higher power through Voice Channeling®, which is a New Three® University session that not only brings you into oneness with your spiritual guides, but allows spirit to share their messages with you directly.

Unification with your higher power, true oneness with the Divine, is a feeling that exemplifies what we’re able to achieve with our fellow souls incarnated that are in our lives today, our loved ones, friends, life partner, children, and fellow citizens of the world. Because when we are able to know tangibly what it feels like to be one with another person through direct contact with the Divine, we have a point of reference that we can compare with our relationships.

There’s a tremendous abundance of love, support and purposeful guidance that is found in unification with the Divine, but there is an equal potential with those who are in your life right now. Your relationships are valuable and are waiting for you to initiate a deeper experience with them.

New Three® University teaches you Unconditional Love through Trainings

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