Turn Spiritual Signs Into Full Conversations With Spirit

Magical, random spirit encounters can be a lot of fun!

Have you noticed signs giving you some insight, maybe through the perfect song on the radio…the animal that crossed your path…the lost object being suddenly found…the answer that dropped in your mind…knowing what your friend was just about to say…or that feeling of warm love surrounding you when you really need it?

Maybe you receive bits of insight from Spirit in meditation. Perhaps you’ve asked a question and the answer comes to you that day or a few days later. It’s wonderful to feel guided and hindsight allows you to connect the dots of why you’re being guided the way you were.

These are joyful spiritual experiences, but did you know there is so much more to receive from Spirit?

Do you yearn for an expansive two-way conversation with your spiritual guides, where you can ask any question and receive detailed answers? You can have a relationship with Spirit just as deep and profound as you have with your closest human loved ones. You can feel the unconditional, infinite love of Spirit that is a feeling beyond anything in this Physical World.

Your relationship with Spirit is meant to be like your relationship with other people. It’s meant to feel just as real!

Spirit fills many needs we have, by coming to us as the ultimate expression of what true, loving relationships can be. Spirit will come and be our Divine Mother, Father, Brother, Sister…Teacher and Confidant. This is a natural relationship to build just as you have with your human family, we can have deep love with Divine Spirit Family.

To have this deep relationship with Spirit, like you do with trustworthy people, open your heart and mind to relate with Spirit much like you would think about relating with people you trust. You would expand your natural ability to see, hear, feel and know Spirit, opening up a two-way communication with Spirit. Doing so really opens incredible possibilities, where in a moment you can ask your questions to Spirit and directly receive the clear audible answers. And when you commit to spending time developing this ability within you, there is no limitation to the expansive beauty of Creation you can access!

Many spiritual people say, “Spirit is always with me. I know they’re there. They give me signs.” Receiving random spiritual signs is something, but it’s a drop of spiritual water in comparison to the ocean awaiting us all. Random signs are easy because it is a very basic way to receive from Spirit. Signs are basically Spirit’s way of still helping when someone is not open to developing themselves to their full potential. Quick and easy is what everyone wants, but quick and easy won’t give you what you REALLY want.

Here are 7 important tips, while you are considering a clear, daily development practice:

Don’t be shy. Show up with humble confidence and know that Spirit is there to help. ASK ANYTHING.

Don’t fear Spirit. Spirit is all loving -period- without exception. Don’t put exceptions on Spirit’s love.

Where are they? Spirit is always with you. At least one guide is always with you every moment. You are never alone.

Am I safe with Spirit? YES, again, Spirit is only love. Everything else is hundreds of generations of disempowering, global belief systems.

What if I make a mistake? You can’t mess up. You can’t expect to be as clear today with receiving from Spirit as you will be ten years from now with a daily development practice. Jump in and trust. Start somewhere. Why not start today right here!

People will think I’m strange if I talk about this. Yes, people will, but know that you will be surprised that most people are embracing this because Spirit is working hard behind the scenes to open people up. Your loved ones will surprise you if you open up.

Am I worthy? YES, always, without exception, because Spirit is unconditional and never judges. Don’t believe judgmental belief systems around God and Spirit. You deserve abundant spiritual support and love—No matter what you have done in the past or are doing now.

Starting a good, strong development practice is like starting a new health routine, like exercising. At first it’s a bit of a struggle, but once you get used to the new habit and routine, it is easy. Please see your development this way for increasing spiritual health! Melissa and I are joyful that our purpose is to provide you with the best development routine for spiritual health and we do this through the techniques we teach in our trainings. It’s rewarding to see how much people progress after each use of the techniques.

Spirit wants to help you with what you need help with. From the mundane simple decisions to helping you manage crisis situations – Spirit anticipates the best path for you and your family.

Everyone wants a light switch and a shortcut. But like getting your body healthy, it takes determination to get spiritually healthy and strong. The big takeaway from this message is:

Choose a spiritual development technique that is effective, and

Devote yourself to using it daily so you can become spiritually healthy and strong, so

You will see tangible differences in your ability to turn random spiritual signs into the most incredible relationships with spiritual beings that are as tangible as your relationships with trustworthy loved ones in your life!

Our spiritual technique that works for everyone is Voice Channeling®.

New Three® University teaches you how to have full conversations with Spirit in Voice Channeling®

Voice Channeling®

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August 18, 25