Trusting Subtle Psychic Hits

trusting subtle psychic hits od HXZYe1MlR 580w 3 You get an "intuition" about something, and then your mind starts building a picture around your intuition, placing your own thoughts, preferences or even fears into it.

Without realizing it, you've turned an initial clear "psychic hit" into a confusing version that can take you off path.

Coloring intuition is extremely common, for different reasons, and everyone has experienced some version of this.

There is one way to make an instant shift, so you can trust your psychic hits. Your intuition is received on a vibratory level that is more subtle than your thoughts, emotions and physical body.

Calming, centering and grounding your total energetic system will allow you to interpret the subtle energy from your intuition. This isn't just a recommendation for clarity, it is a necessity.

This is how you do it. . .

We are emotional beings and our emotions give depth and beauty to our life. However, interpreting your intuition while being emotional will not cultivate the confidence and clarity of your full psychic potential.

Intuition can occasionally initially break through powerful emotions and thoughts, but it's not something we can easily predict. So if you think you received an intuitive impression, the first priority is to calm your mental, emotional and physical energies completely. That way, you can receive the full, clear intuitive message.

Intuitive messages can be very detailed and informative. They include visions, feelings, knowing and thoughts or voices in your mind. To receive the greatest value from your psychic potential means using a technique, meditation or practice to calm, center and ground all of your energies. Then you will have intuitive clarity.

With Melissa and I traveling so often, it has been important for us to remain intuitively clear about where and when we go to our next destination. Just this week we were planning to move to a new location, and by staying intuitively connected, we were able to know—very clearly—that the timing for our move had changed to six months away. If we would have continued to act on the previous information we received about moving, our life and purpose would not have flowed or manifested as productively. Therefore, another reason to stay intuitively clear and connected is because circumstances in the world change sometimes and as a result, your direction will change.

Try this out: Wait to act on your intuitive impression until you open up space in your day to use a meditation or technique to calm your mind, emotion and body completely, so you can have the clearest interpretation of the full intuitive picture. This validating experience will make a huge difference in your life.

I create a few dozen, or more, of these pockets of space every day. You might wonder how to do this in the busyness of your day. I do it in the car, on walks, lunch breaks, even bathroom breaks. This allows me to stay tuned in to the highest benefit and life direction for myself, my loved ones, as well as my clients and students. By cultivating a patient, daily approach with your intuition, you'll feel the deepest confidence with your decision-making.

New Three® University Training that teaches a technique, meditation and practice to calm, center and ground all of your energies to receive intuitive clarity is Psychic Retrieval®

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