Transfer Your Soul’s Confidence into This Moment

transfer your souls confidence into this moment ss Hmxzp0bxA 580wSpirit, how do you recommend people build self-confidence, and not be distracted or concerned by what others think?

Through Melissa Voice Channeling®, spirit shared:

Building one's confidence is a unique idea because it requires you to be steadfast in your beingness.

Your beingness is a combined experience of your soul connection, clarity of one's truth or position on the matter, and ultimately a greater wisdom of the situation and moment you are in.

The fact that you exist is the only proof you need to value and accept yourself. You are alive and so it is your birthright to feel confident, from your first moment in this world to your last.

Babies are born confident and will continue to know confidence if raised in alignment with universal laws and natural, balanced living. This is called soul-based living.

Lack is not real, yet it is perceived. But that doesn’t mean it's true.

You are already everything that you need to be. Each person incarnated is complete and perfect, even if lack is perceived.

Why then is lack perceived? When your connection to your soul and understanding of your eternal nature is doubted, it becomes a direct reflection of doubting your life and life circumstances.  

Your goal must be to strengthen your soul connection and explore your greater spiritual self, and by doing so, you will believe in the fact that you are eternal, everlasting, with no ending.

The confidence that you exist and always will exist, forever, reflects confidence into your current life, allowing the worldly disadvantages to be seen in a different way.

Then lack becomes opportunity. Blaming and judging become understanding and observation of this beautiful and intricate physical life. You become initiated into your soul's perspective in a deeper, more grounded way than you have ever felt before.

From this newfound freedom, you hold your head up high, breathe air deeply into your body and celebrate this existence. You celebrate love, union of fellow souls, collaboration, shared ideas, communicating, and communion.  

Each individual is unique and extraordinary. Remind each other of being extraordinary. No one is ordinary. Every soul is vast in its experience of love and creativity.  

There is so much within every incarnated soul.

Encourage people to deeply observe their inner self, to see the truth of progress and knowledge that the soul wants to share. 

Everything you need is here. 

Allow your soul to inspire confidence in yourself.

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