Transcending the Gap Between Joy and Discomfort – An Evolved Perspective

transcending the gap between joy and discomfort mg 0158 3278 580wSometimes when we choose to believe that life should be a happy, loving, comfortable experience, it can limit us from receiving everything this Universe has for us and what is most purposeful for our soul.

Deep down not a single person would consciously prefer to be uncomfortable. The issue is not about whether you would prefer to be comfortable or uncomfortable, because both will happen. The accomplishment here is being able to see an equal value in both.

By valuing both equally, we can eventually evolve into preferring them equally, without judgement, based on what is most purposeful for our soul.

Then, our inner dialogue changes from, “What makes me comfortable?” to “What is serving and supporting my soul's purpose?”

Comfort and discomfort do not define you as a good person or bad person, or an ego-based or soul-based person.

Some of the most loving viewpoints and actions are uncomfortable, because it's courageous to love. For many it is hard to love, especially when that love is being judged and not accepted by other people. Your most uncomfortable feelings come when your love is not accepted by others, especially with those who are closest to you.

This spiritual evolution as a human being is important, because if a person decides that comfort indicates that they have grown and are ‘there’, then the person is either ungrounded—out of touch with themselves and reality—or the person has isolated themselves to limit their discomforts as much as possible. Neither is helpful or purposeful to a soul's journey as a human being.

A soul’s hope is for the human personality to find the courage to go out into the world and love stronger. As a result, they contribute to and accelerate the creation of world peace.

Your knowledge will only take you so far before you interconnect your mind, emotions and body with your soul, allowing you to experience your connection with all beings across all realms and Universes.

Let the concept of unification encourage you to begin unifying with the most difficult, uncomfortable parts of yourself.

Believe that your path to greater joy and greater comfort is always going to be a path of personal transformation, each moment of every day, for the rest of your life.

It is that movement and momentum forward that increases a deeper sense of spiritual satisfaction.

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