Timing is Everything with Prophetic Visions

timing is everything with prophetic visions est rmP30WgA 580wWhen a prophetic vision comes to you, a vision of the future, you may feel a sense of urgency for the vision to come true. This is because when we receive a prophetic vision it's often a powerful experience for us.

Unfortunately, many people misunderstand the timing of their vision and become disappointed or doubt themselves. Receiving a future vision today, does not mean it will happen today, next year, or even ten years from now.

It is very helpful to discern the accurate timing of your vision and your participation with it. You may have a specific role with the vision that needs to be understood. Having context for your vision in relation to your whole life is just as important as the vision itself.

I wrote my first book, Age of the Soul, using channeled writing in 2006. While channeling the book, I received a prophetic vision about a physical university to be co-created with myself, other like-minded individuals, and God-The Source. However, now eleven years later, the actual timing for the physical university is not today, but years down the road.

There have been many steps up to today and steps that will be taken before the physical institution is built and available to the world. Our present step has been bringing the initial university certification courses to cities around the world, without a "physical" established location.

The excitement and impact of the incredible vision I received eleven years ago made me want to manifest it immediately. But in most cases, a practical timeline must also be clarified intuitively, so that we can accurately and effectively manifest what we are shown in vision.

Determining the “when” is a result of using all four intuitive senses, combined with your mind, so you can build a complete picture of when and how the vision is meant to be used or happen.

This means that relying only on vision, your intuitive seeing, does not complete the picture for you. You also need your intuitive hearing, feeling and knowing to explain your intuitive vision. All four intuitive qualities work together.

To increase the accuracy of your prophetic visions manifesting, be sure to maintain an intuitive connection ongoing with how things may change and the practical steps that you must take over time. Things do change because of such factors that include: free will, highest benefit of all, and simply a change of circumstances with your own life.

Remember to strengthen all four of your intuitive senses. As a result, you'll receive everything that your prophetic visions want you to know!

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