Telepathy – The Gift of Unspoken Communication

telepathy the gift of unspoken communication a4953 3 1616 580wTelepathy is unspoken, intuitive communication. It can also be called thought transference or mind reading.

When it is open, accurate and shared between two people, telepathic communication eliminates all misunderstandings and will significantly increase the harmony and love experienced between people. An individual’s truth will be known and as a result, people will effectively align and fulfill their life purpose.

Using your psychic energy is not limited to one intuitive sense, such as clairaudience intuitive hearing. Telepathy includes all intuitive senses to receive and send information.

Jason and my daily conversations consist of, “I knew you were going to say that!” and “You just said what I was thinking!” This is a common experience everyone has, especially with people you are close to.

My most remarkable experience with telepathic communication was telepathically receiving and then verbally communicating what my mother-in-law wanted to express when she could not physically communicate. She had a neurological deterioration of her brain stem and could not communicate verbally or through writing. She was almost completely paralyzed, but fully aware and could raise her eyebrows and sometimes blink to acknowledge “yes” or “no.” She had a lot of love and enjoyment around her, living her final days out in her home, but it was sometimes frustrating for her to not be able to share verbally.

One day Jason was holding her hands and leaning over so she could see him. As Jason was explaining to her the updates for her medical treatment plan, I instantly received what she wanted to say with my intuitive senses—primarily my knowing, hearing, and feeling. Each time Jason shared and paused, I instantly received her response and spoke it. She said she understood what was happening and wanted to be treated in the hospital so she could feel better and go home. The conversation continued and she made a joke about a family member that Jason understood when I expressed it, and as always we created a loving, uplifting environment for her healing.

The most touching moment for me was when I had the chance to express what Jason’s mom really wanted him to know. She said, “I appreciate all you do for me. You are the light of my life and I love you so much.” I could feel her love for him and how freeing it felt for her to have Jason hear her words. She had not been able to physically speak or write for over three years.

The gift of helping someone express what they are physically incapable of saying is just one of the incredible benefits of telepathic intuitive communication. Truly there are endless, practical applications for telepathy that will move this world into a greater understanding and soulful expression.

What gifts of telepathy are you most inspired to experience? Perhaps you desire,

• Understanding your loved ones better;

• Being more compassionate with every person you meet;

• Helping to explain something so a person can best comprehend;

• Allowing your energetic expression to be fully received by others;

• Enhancing the experience you provide to your wellness clients.

Telepathy is a more effective, natural approach to communication than relying on spoken words alone. Combine your verbal and written communication with telepathy so you may give and receive a more clear, accurate, natural energetic communication between yourself and the world!

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