Table Seating for the Spirit – Holiday Guests from the Other Side

table seating for the spirit holiday guests from the other side c09165 4461 580w newDuring this time, this sacred, special, meaningful Holiday Season, we are encouraged to remember what we’re grateful for and share love with family and friends.

Breaking bread around the dinner table and saying prayers is a way we connect a little deeper than other times of the year with family and friends.

But have you invited all your friends and all your family to your sacred dinner table? Have you sent out invitations to the other side? I’m talking about the Nonphysical Universe and your invisible family and friends.

I see the Nonphysical Universe as well as feel, hear and know it, because I’ve developed all four of my intuitive qualities equally. Add to that, a powerful ability to communicate with spirit and my holidays are jampacked with all of my most beloved soul friends and family. My guides and deceased loved ones love attending gatherings and dinners during this time of the year, so I’m sure to include them.

How do you send out these special invites and include deceased loved ones and spiritual guides in your festive occasion? Since they receive your invite instantaneously, you don’t have to worry about them getting it. Just put the thought out there. It’s that simple!

Including them at the table can be a lot of fun. Try putting an extra chair or two for them to occupy space and be with you. They don’t need the chair obviously, but it makes it more physical and real, and can help you connect with them as a result.

Use telepathy to communicate with your nonphysical guests by imagining what they may ask or say. It’s a magical time of the year and you can make it extra joyful with this simple inclusion of your loved ones who are always with you but who we rarely involve to this degree.

For our practitioners who’ve become certified in Voice Channeling® and Psychic Retrieval®, this playful adventure should come more easily. And if you are new to using your intuition and talking with spirit, then just pretend and be as a child, lifting the limitations of your mind, so you can accept new experiences like sitting with your deceased loved ones and guides at the dinner table.

This will become more common for the average person as we approach the next century. But for now, be a pioneer for this new way of existing and receive all that your spiritual guides have to share!

Imagine…release…and believe…

New Three® University shows you how to openly communicate with your spiritual guidance and deceased loved ones in Voice Channeling® Training and Sessions

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