Spiritual Reawakening, Celebrating and Expanding During Global Crisis

spiritual reawakening celebrating and expanding during global crisis el108 165 580x385brightSoul-based living is about seeing opportunity in everything.

Spirit advocates seeing opportunity in everything. They’re always looking at how situations may benefit an individual and group in the greatest possible way.

Call this optimism if you like, call this simply seizing the laws of the Universe and channeling them in your favor, but absolutely your most important mindset, especially in the middle of crisis, is to celebrate how a moment is energetically lifting you up and how you are energetically being supported in that moment.

Your most precious mantra to help you reawaken in the middle of crisis is:

“I choose to receive the most expansive insight into how this moment is supporting and lifting up my life and purpose.”

Let it be known that what is for your highest spiritual benefit is also for the highest benefit of the planet. Because highest benefit for all people is an interconnected experience.

How do I gain access to my highest benefit in a moment where I am confused and unclear, because others I see are having a hard time?

Your powerful pathway for expanding your vibration when you’re in doubt is to go to Spirit, Source, Guides, your Higher Power, God, the name you resonate with as a loving, supportive, wise spiritual force in your life, which we’ll simply call Spirit.

Spirit knows right now your highest benefit and Voice Channeling® is your tool to receiving the most grounded, clear guidance and healing from Spirit. You can access Spirit without an effective technique like Voice Channeling®, and for those of you who have not taken our Voice Channeling® program, use your way that has worked for you to access Spirit.

What matters is accessing Spirit when you need it the most!

New Three® University teaches you reawaken, celebrate and expand in Trainings

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