Spiritual Healing – How to Manage Your Energy to Create Perfect Health

spiritual healing how to manage your energy to create perfect health x 0075 20 580wEverything is energy.

Becoming sensitive and aware of our energy is the first step. That can simply be noticing discomforts. The opposite of wellness and perfect health is where we can say we’re uncomfortable, there’s something going on that’s uncomfortable, we don’t feel in our greatest place, state of mind, body and emotion.

Discomforts are definitely something I was aware of early on. I faced many health challenges physically. In middle and high school is when my health challenges really started taking a toll. Every couple weeks I’d come down with something, have pain, and it was really debilitating. It included:

• My digestive system was upset on a daily basis,
• I got to a point where I was having fainting and dizziness every day,
• I had chronic: migraine headaches, fatigue, infections,
• Respiratory issues in my throat like bronchitis and tonsillitis,
• Hypoglycemia…

My mother had me go to medical doctors who did tests, MRIs, gave me medicine, and nothing helped. That was very defeating and I know a lot of people feel that way that go through severe health challenges. Many feel they’re not getting the help that they would ideally like to receive. Maybe something helps a little but not fully. Or maybe something they do with western medicine makes it worse. That happened with me with some of the migraine medicines that produced their own symptoms and side effects.

When I was in college there was a point it was difficult for me to get through a day. I would need to leave class and go sit in my car, close my eyes to center and relax because I would feel like I was going to pass out.

How did I finally begin to shift my health? It was subtle energetic intuitive and spirit-guided impressions that began to guide me into solutions. I healed myself of everything in one year!

It wasn’t western medicine, although I believe there is a beautiful marriage of western medicine and also what would be alternative approaches to health and wellbeing. We can find a nice balance of the two and they can actually work together and help each other in the right way.

For me, my path to healing really began with the subtle energetic impressions intuitively and from the Divine.

At first, it was just impressions that led me to a book or resource or a friend or something. Then as I understood alternative approaches to healing, there was something more than just coincidence happening, there was Divine orchestration and my own soul giving me impressions to guide me.

As I became more sensitive and aware of these energies, they became stronger and more apparent to me. I felt more empowered. Our empowerment over our energy, managing our energy and our pursuit of wellness and perfect health really begins in our own intuition and higher power or spirit-guided journey to the solutions. It comes from within us.

The Divine coming to me on my 25th Birthday and my cultivating a clear communication with the Divine, led me straight to the solutions I needed. I was doing about two liters of fresh juice daily for a year. The Divine guided me into that as a cleanse rather than just accepting a cleanse or diet that was known in the world. I was guided to the diet for my body, my circumstances and what I needed for wellness and perfect health. What’s really important is there is no cookie cutter diet that works for everyone, no cookie cutter cleanse that works for everybody. We have very individual bodies that have been on individual journeys of life and while there can be some templates out there that can be useful, I encourage everyone to cultivate intuition and Divine spiritual communication so that you can really tailor the wellness and health approach to you and your needs.

Months later after my epiphany in 2001, I met Katherine Beck, my spiritual teacher. She got me grounded. The biggest component to managing our energy is being grounded. Grounding is a huge teaching that is in the books the Divine brought through me and is a big part of our Five Accomplishments® Coaching program as Accomplishment One. Beyond the simple concept of being present is being grounded, is a pursuit ongoing to become more centered, grounded and have our energies flowing and moving properly.

As I understood this phenomenon of having a grounded energy and aura, immediately physical imbalances started to go away just from that. They started to heal from diet and exercise, but then greatly started to shift from being grounded. When our energies are grounded, moving properly in our energy field, it allows our natural healing system to kick in. We feel wellbeing immediately and it increases over time the longer we’re grounded. Most people are not totally grounded in their body so this is a big one!

Next, we’re able to tackle self-awareness of those subtle energies. Katherine really helped me dive into my subconscious, the fears and subconscious limiting beliefs and stories that were contributing to illness and zapping my energy. As I began to become aware and transform them into different stories about my life, self and relationship with the world, my health and wellbeing also began to strengthen, release and stabilize. I’ve really helped people get grounded and healed in my one on one coaching sessions as well as the practitioners in our Five Accomplishments® Coaching training program. Email me back if you need help and we’ll schedule some sessions.

We want to bring awareness to energetic entanglements that we mix ourselves up in. Usually we do this subconsciously and unknowingly, with others, and even with situations that we’re not directly related to such as political or environmental situations. We will connect and entangle in a situation energetically and feel a tug and a pull energetically that will directly affect our wellness.

Managing our energy and energy entanglements has to do with noticing when we are attaching energetically into a situation. We do this when we judge something as ‘not good’ or ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’.

This is not uncommon to connect in this way with political, environmental, various issues going on in the world, civil rights, human rights. Its hurtful. I understand. I see what’s going on in the world and it’s impactful. Our soul connection and the compassion we feel…our heart goes out to the world. But we want to really manage how we connect with these external situations to where we’re not entangling with them, where we are not attaching to a belief that ‘we will not be okay if this situation does not change’. We can observe.

The key word, say it several times so you remember, OBSERVE. Observing, observer.

Say: “I choose to be the observer. I choose to be the observer. I choose to be the observer.”

The observer, or as we call it the soul-based observer, is how our soul experiences this reality and existence through our physicality. Our soul is the eternal us, and in this lifetime is the observer. We want to align as much as we can with this vantage point of observer. We can observe, have compassion, love and we can even prefer and want things to be different. We can want people and the environment to not be hurt and we do this from the observer so that energetic entanglements don’t solidify and affect us, our health, because they do.

Energetic entanglements are like you plug your aura into a situation, staying plugged in and that situation continues to affect you even after you are done thinking about it for that moment of the day. Recognize when you have a ‘charge’ or judgement around something, or especially when you feel that you will not be okay or things will not be okay if they do not change.

I know this is really difficult to do with some situations in the world, but to increase your energetic vitality, wellness and truly the journey to perfect health, is to undertake this huge component to observe the world and happenings, especially with our close personal interactions, observe them without entangling in them.

There is a practical earthly balance. I focus on having a spiritual backbone. A spiritual backbone foundation to your wellness practice and your journey into energetic vitality and perfect health will make all the difference for you.

1. First of all, connect with your version of God, Spirit, Higher Power…What is that for you? It may be that you affiliate with a particular religion or you have a spiritual belief you’ve developed. What matters is you are able to have a connection with higher power. Maybe you’re in-between discovering and reinventing and that is okay. Wherever you are and whatever clarity you have with higher power, it’s really important to dive into.

2. Become one with, invite into your heart, your body, your soul, this loving higher power, this wonderful benevolent Divine Source. It’s only going to help to do that. You’re a spiritual being, you’re a soul. Your eternal nature of existing before this life and existing long after it means that this life is transitory, it’s temporary. If we can connect into our eternal self, our eternal beingness and our greater eternal relationship with the overarching Divine Source God Spirit, then that connects us with something that is above and beyond this temporary Earth existence.

We’re not meant to escape the Earth existence. We’re meant to be right here in it, feel our emotions, be aware of our thoughts and experience our interactions, but this spiritual backbone is our foundation that helps give us strength when times are hard and also can give us guidance when we are not seeing the way. One of the greatest advantages of the students who go through the practitioner program of Voice Channeling®, which is spiritual communication, is a relationship formed with the Divine. The oneness, companionship with the Divine…walking hand-in-hand with the Divine…feeling, seeing, hearing the Divine. As much as you can become one with that spiritual part of you and the greater spiritual existence of the Universe, it’s going to give you a great strength and empowerment and guidance to have two-way Divine communication. With our program experience comes spiritual healing. Spiritual healing is a phrase that literally means healing from Spirit, from the Divine. This very high vibrational Divine love can accelerate our healing process and journey.

Full consciousness is being aware of yourself fully, on every level, where every action is chosen. There is a full awareness of our existence in every dimension in every way.

Every little piece of the puzzle that I am able to see helps me to create the picture of who I am and my place in this great existence. Doing so empowers me to increase my energy, vitality, wellness and path of perfect health because awareness is understanding which is the new paradigm of healing. Understanding and reveling who we are and what’s going on with us, many times instantly transforms unpleasant, uncomfortable situations and experiences we’re having. Just the awareness itself. It’s a powerful path, the path to full consciousness!

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