Spirit Laughs With Us Through Life

spirit laughs with us through life an 57 584 580wcolorcroppedWhen you look around at people in your life, and even ourselves at times, do you see people avoiding the challenges inside and outside of themselves?

The emotional field is a beautiful deep current of energy in our total aura energy field. The emotional currents of energy include major familiar emotions and feelings, but truly there are as many unique feelings as there are moments in one’s lifetime. There are the main colors in a rainbow, but there are many hues or variations of each color. This is also true with your feelings and emotions.

If the nature of our soul and Spirit is love, and from love comes joy, then our path of personal transformation is most purposeful when we feel love. In the depths of difficult emotions, moments can certainly feel absent of love and joy. But it is in those difficult moments that we must remind ourselves that we are a loving being, and that moving forward through the difficult moment will bring us through to the other side.

Transparency is not common today. What is much more common is showing or sharing an emotional self that is acceptable to the world that will not be judged by others. Therefore, people’s feelings are often even hidden from themselves.

The ability to intuitively observe someone’s complex emotional field in any given moment is helpful because it creates greater unity, oneness and loving compassion for what someone is going through in that moment of their life. Understanding brings us toward love.

Revealing and expressing truth will always beneficially affect all who witness it, because 100% transparent truth is the fundamental experience and nature of your existence as a Spirit in the Nonphysical Universe. Even though this transparency is not the norm in our Physical Universe, it is natural here too. It is how we are meant to exist everywhere!

When we embrace and allow transformation to happen, instead of avoiding it, we will come out the other side, and what is waiting for us is love. More love is always on the other side of personal transformation. In the depths of emotional difficulty, we must remind ourselves of this idea until we are through it and can actually feel more love. A light-hearted approach – without avoiding – is our greatest success in our pursuits of spiritual growth!

Luckily, Spirit is always by our side, and Spirit has a sense of humor. This doesn’t mean Spirit is going to be insincere. It means that Spirit’s nature is love – and from love comes joy and light-heartedness.

Because Spirit’s are souls without physical form, like us incarnated now, Spirit does not have the energy fields that the human experience has. Spirit does not have the emotional field and mental field and physical energy field. Spirit is pure spiritual energy, the soul.

Spirit will put on the persona or personality, a costume of sorts, in order to interact with us. This humanizes the interaction. Formless Spirit may put on the costume of an Angel form, human or animal form, or any other form that someone can connect and relate with. But Spirit is formless as pure spiritual energy, beautiful and brilliant.

Depending on what an interaction between your spirit guide and you requires, Spirit can be quite funny and light-hearted. But Spirit can also be more focused and straight-forward with you. They will never purposefully present themselves in a way to cause you to fear or feel unloved or unaccepted, because Spirit is pure love.

No matter how Spirit presents themselves as a form or in their interaction with you, there is always the most powerful intention to support your soul’s purpose being fulfilled, and for you as a human being to feel more love and acceptance.

Laugh with Spirit. Play with Spirit. Enjoy your interactions with Spirit, knowing that their loving, joyful intentions for you will always lift you up and move you forward, if you are receptive to their grounded supportive energy!

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