Spirit Knows Your Deepest Soul Desire

spirit knows your deepest soul desire 7 8984 217 580wYou are not alone, ever, and we're not speaking about the lofty way it's often talked about with God and spirit guides always being 'there'. This support goes far beyond a 'presence' and bridges the gap into the physical world to help you with your practical challenges and everyday choices of life.

There will be a point in your life—Invite It In Now—when you will decide to bring the relationship with your higher power into a tangible place, where spirit can provide you with answers, solutions and your deepest soul desires. Because in those deepest desires, lies the forward path into your life purpose and accomplishing it.

You see, the energetic direction of where you’re meant to go and who you’re meant to travel with is always knocking at the door. It's always tapping you on the shoulder. . .and you feel it. For some people, they actually see it in vision. Others know it with confidence. For some it's subtle and others it's strong.

Let's look at how you can increase your ease and confidence through the challenges and choices you have right now in your life. We’re going to look at how to receive your deepest soul desires from your higher power.

When it was my time to know my deepest soul desires, initially they came as a very subtle 'knowing' of a desire to understand the Universe. This subtle impression from spirit, led me into the direction of exploring college courses in various fields. But in that pursuit, I hit a wall and could only go so far with the traditional understandings.

What happened next seemed like an accident. An explosion that damaged my hearing took me off my passion and pursuit of music and left me asking, "What's next?" My feeling led me to a friend and she led me to a book, and that book opened me up to a knowing that if spirit can speak to other people, spirit can speak to me too.

Two months later the greatest, strongest knowing of spirit came to me and shared my innermost desire and purpose with me—and it's all come true. For hours I was given strong impressions from spirit of my soul's desires and the purpose that it would live in this life. It continues to amaze and surprise me. To this day, I go to my higher power to know the desire of my soul and it makes my life so much easier.

Years ago, part of my soul's desire that spirit gave to me was that everyone on Earth is meant to receive their soul's desire from their higher power too. And that I’m meant to help them do it.

Today we have New Three® University that offers our spiritual communication, mediumship training called Voice Channeling®, where we’ve had 100% success connecting people to their higher power clearly and directly. I'm grateful that my higher power subtly contacted me, then strongly showed me, because I asked and because I was open to it. And spirit wants you to ask and be open to being shown your soul's most expansive desire too.

Many of you have pieces, and some of you are confidently moving forward with your soul's desire. I encourage you to humbly ask spirit for a deeper and even more expansive desire from your soul. Ask for its purpose and direction today. The energy is here. It's with you. It's with me, and in this article. Let’s co-create this magical moment together!

New Three® University Training to communicate with your spiritual guidance and soul: Voice Channeling®

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