Spirit Guides – What Are Their Names and Purpose

spirit guides what are their names and purpose ng St lyNo9l 580w cropped“What is the name of my Spirit Guide?” is the initial question everyone has. Why do you think everyone wants to know this?

It’s because we all want a tangible connection with the nonphysical support team that we have, and a name is a way to begin that relationship. We introduce ourselves to other people with our name, and so we also want that introduction to our Spirit Guides!

Learning the names of our Spirit Guides always makes me think of Romeo and Juliet’s quote of, “What is in a name?” Which means, ‘What is the importance or significant meaning of a name?’

As human beings, it is a way to humanize spirit and have them present a personality to help us anchor and ground our energetic line of communication with them.

Spirit guides have a vibration, unique and individual, that is recognized by all other Spirit’s. A name, as humans know it, is a word that represents a vibration of that Spirit Guide.

spirit guides what are their names and purpose esmerelda G 4225 1489 357x387 croppedI first met my main Spirit Guide, Esmerelda, nine years ago in my initial Voice Channeling® Training taught by my husband and partner in this purpose, Jason Nelson. Soon after, she showed herself to me having long straight brown hair and twirling in a long paisley purple dress. She’s a light-hearted guide that gives me a feeling of greater ease every time I communicate with her.

Spirit can show themselves to us in any form – a light form, human form, animal form, nature form, cartoon character – and that form will be purposeful to that interaction with us.

Even though Spirit is pure energy without an actual form—nor does a Spirit have a spoken name or sound of the voice—they will interact with us using a form, name and persona, so that we may more easily build a relationship with them. Names are helpful for us to make an initial connection and deepen our relationship with Spirit, because it creates a personality or persona for the Spirit.

Like all Spirit Guides, their purpose is to help us in every moment. They help us by following our ‘government of life’, or ‘life contract’, to guide us in the next steps of our purpose.

We each have one main or primary guide that is with us our entire lifetime, and several secondary guides that help for moments or many years.

Our human mind is important to navigate the day-to-day nuances of our life purpose, but can our mind know the eternal, expanded perception of our soul and spiritual guidance? No. Our human perception is limited by the very fact that we are human or physical. We can have a vast perspective and connection with our life purpose, but it will always require surrendering to Divine wisdom to access the highest benefit that is available to us.

What are some of the names of your Spirit Guides, and have they shown themselves as a particular form? Please share by commenting below and let’s celebrate our spiritual guidance teams!

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