Soul-Based Journey into Perfect Healing

soul based journey into perfect healing G 2154 2429 580wIn soul-based living, healing is understanding, therefore a perfect healing would be perfect understanding or complete awareness of self.

When cultivating awareness, it helps for us to focus on four main energies: physical, mental, emotional and soul, and their interconnected nature. The pursuit of this self-awareness can feel overwhelming at times, and people often are discouraged thinking that achieving the type of wellness they desire is not possible. But it is possible.

I’ve always had a passion for delving into the greater understanding of myself, but there has been resistance to that pursuit, even today. Being aware of the subtle resistance is the only way to overcome it. So, I seek out my resistance. It’s become part of my journey to know myself.

This week, more than ever before, my focus is on being aware of when my body wants to get up to stretch, as I’m sitting at my desk all day. My intention is to be aware and then act on the awareness I receive. I’ve found my body wants to get up and stretch or do some tai chi about every 45-60 minutes. Admittedly, I’ve not followed that body awareness with action every time, and therefore in that moment I did not choose perfect healing. I chose to ignore my healing needs. Part of my healing this week then becomes revealing and understanding the reason for sometimes ignoring what my body needs.

If perfect healing is perfect understanding, and then acting on that understanding, our ultimate vision is being in constant connection with our body, emotions, thoughts and soul. Wanting this as an idea is easier than acting on it because of how we value other things, like finishing a work task versus getting up to move our body or meditating to calm our mind and emotion.

Being aware of ourselves, in touch with our total personality and soul, allows us to transcend any imbalance.

Understanding is a path of believing and trusting that there’s a reason for everything, believing there is and can be purpose within everything.

Connecting the spiritual and physical understandings about our life, provides a total, complete awareness of our incarnation experience, as a soul in physical form.

This radical awareness enables us to not only overcome any discomfort but to create the most purposeful, complete life that we can live.

  • What is your body asking of you in this moment?
  • What are your thoughts and emotions saying?
  • How is your soul guiding you to act?
  • What is your path to perfect healing today?

Caring for the four main aspects of the energy field, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, by understanding them individually as well as their interconnectedness, is the journey to perfect healing.

Today, take one step at a time, create one goal at a time, with patience and self-love.

If you are pressed for time with a health condition or situation, then jump in and immerse yourself into discovering its reasons for existing. Rarely is a health crisis simply chance or bad luck. Mostly, we experience crisis because of a reason that can be discovered and transformed and that understanding begins within us.

Let us be grateful that there is always a way for each of us to move into a more perfect healing.

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