Sensitizing Yourself to the Unseen Spirit World

sensitizing yourself to the unseen spirit world ky rmMqykGgC 580wTrusting a message that comes from seemingly nowhere, from an unseen, intangible source, may feel risky to you and you are not alone in your feelings.

When we witness something physical, we typically believe it more. You look into the eyes of your loved one, feel their warm embrace and hear them say, "I love you." You don't think for a moment it's not real or doubt the reality that it happened. But we doubt spirit.

We've been conditioned to trust our physical senses and doubt our nonphysical senses. It started at a very early age.

What if you gave as much validation to your nonphysical senses as you did to your physical ones? Then, when you receive an insight of how your spirit guide may appear, feel the sense of their presence and hear a thought come into your mind of something helpful, you will know that what happened is as real as your friend giving you a hug.

We are out of practice with this approach. We are desensitized to it. Trusting something nonphysical that you hear or see isn't just abnormal, it is seen as a mental illness by some or immature and weird by others. We have a valid reason to feel unsafe with our nonphysical senses, due to the bombardment of stimuli telling us it's only going to bring us rejection, pain and letdown.

Consider courageously practicing an approach to life where you perceive 50% with your nonphysical senses and 50% with your physical senses. For example, if you are having a conversation with someone, let their physical voice carry half the meaning and their unspoken thoughts and emotions carry the other half.

It is truly rewarding to choose to observe interactions with people from this 50/50 standpoint. I often observe communication 80% nonphysical and see the words spoken as a carrier for the true meaning, and this approach has been extremely helpful with coaching my clients and students. It has also cultivated a confidence in my ability to speak with spirit.

The way I sensitize myself to spirit each day is by giving as much validation, or more, to my nonphysical senses as I do my physical ones. While this may feel new at first for you to try, it will be extremely fulfilling in your pursuit of being a clear, confident medium and psychic.

Sensitize yourself to the beauty of existence experienced through your nonphysical ears, eyes, mind and feeling, or in other words your four intuitive qualities.

From this practice, you will begin to trust spirit more everyday and benefit from their messages to you.

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