Sensitive Feelers – How to Stop Picking Up Other Energy

sensitive feelers how to stop picking up other energy G 2571 2397 580w Have you felt that you are sensitive to people and situations?

Looking back, you may notice that you picked up on people's feelings, thoughts, and even physical pains and discomforts. This likely means you are a strong intuitive feeler, also known as clairsentience.

When interacting with people as an intuitive feeler, you must be aware of two things:

#1 Read energy, instead of experiencing or taking on energy.

#2 Maintain a grounded energy or aura.

These two things will significantly support a sensitive feeler in their daily interactions to be unaffected by other people's energy and feel more at peace.

As a child, when my parents would walk through the front door after a long day at work, I would feel into or sense their energy to determine their emotional and mental state. This helped me discern how approachable they were with my questions and needs, as well as their level of acceptance or unacceptance of me.

When we're children, we learned to navigate the imbalances of our parents and other people, and that process for navigating is brought into our adult life. It was helpful when we were children. It can be helpful in our adult lives as well, but with an important change.

For strong feelers who are sensitive, it is very important to train yourself to read people's energy instead of experiencing their energy and taking their energy into yourself. This is analogous to reading the pages of a book versus tearing them out and eating them. You want to be able to read the pages of a person and then be able to put the book down and not have it affect you. This often requires working with a coach or practitioner to transform subconscious patterns in your mind.

Having your energies completely grounded means your energies and consciousness are within your own space and body. This energetic phenomenon has been called being present. Being grounded, or present, is essential to being able to read energies instead of taking them on. The teaching of being completely grounded in your body is vast, but it begins with self-acceptance and self-love, and then acceptance of the world around you.

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