See Spirit? If You Don't, Try This… (The Power of Belief)

see spirit if you dont try this the power of belief et rmiNbyGxR 580croppedGod – The Source, Divine, created you, as a soul and as a human being, with specific spiritual powers!

One of your powers is your psychic potential to intuitively perceive all of Creation, including potential futures. It is important not to limit yourself by ignoring or not developing all four clairs: intuitive seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing, as well as less known psychic senses like smelling and tasting.

I use the Psychic Retrieval® technique to see Spirit’s appearance, their clothing choices and body shape, hear the sounds of their voice and feel their healing energy. It’s comforting and cultivates a closer bond with my Spirit family.

There are spiritual guides with you right now, every moment, opening the window for you to access the massive multi-dimensional experience of life that is visible with your Nonphysical senses. The pathway to clarifying the visions and feelings of Spirit is firstly, believing that you can do it.

When we think about using our psychic ability, New Three® University uses the Psychic Retrieval® Technique to build a full intuitive picture with all four intuitive qualities, and other modalities typically focus on one or two psychic senses like clairvoyance or clairsentience. We are experiencing all four now and meant to completely open all of our intuitive potential.

Seeing Spirit and the Spirit World is magical and when fully perceived these visions will stimulate a more expansive potential of your life. You will see, hear and feel more of the infinite nature that is all around and within you.

Align with the belief that it is all actually quite attainable for you. Believe the Psychics and Mediums you admire and look up to have abilities that you can attain yourself. Not only that, expand your subconscious thinking and learned patterns into believing that you can master your soul powers more than your teacher! Dismiss this fact and you dismiss your human and spiritual potential, and in doing so have given your power away. This is based on the fact that every human being has the potential within them right now to grow their perception of Spirit and expand it beyond anyone alive today.

This soul-based competition gives us the hope and motivation to believe in our fullest potential. As a civilization of Earth we may accelerate our development through being inspired by each other’s accomplishments. Believe this. Harness the power of belief!

In our Voice Channeling® Spirit Communication one-on-one training that Melissa has been delivering to our students internationally, we reinforce the importance of: confidence in your ability helps you to stabilize your powerline with Spirit. Another way we can say this is the power of your beliefs determine the strength or weakness of your powerline with your spiritual guides. Therefore, trusting in the effective Voice Channeling® Technique—as it has worked for everyone—designed by the Divine to walk someone through the steps they need to channel the Spirit, is all about the power of belief.

The power of belief has a few parts to it:

1. One aspect is practice and experience, and through that journey over time your beliefs change because you witness exceptional results over and over again. You notice yourself growing step by step, session by session.
2. Another aspect is identifying and transforming the beliefs themselves that limit your potential as a soul in physical form, and the spiritual powers you possess.
3. The last part is the idea of simply jumping forward, leaping into the unknown. When something is not familiar to us we can tend to hesitate, whether it seems rational or not. Essentially, don’t allow the fear of the unknown to stop you or slow down your progress.

This is what you do. Turn the fear into exhilaration, as if you are on a rollercoaster ride or extreme adventure that you have chosen. You feel an adrenaline rush from it. Just because something is uncomfortable because it is unknown, does not mean you shouldn’t do it or that it’s not purposeful.

Many steps into our life purpose at first feel uncomfortable because they are unknown steps. Those who have mastered stepping into the unknown have mastered the art of turning fear into an exhilarating ride. (Comment below and let us know how you’ve done this!)

The transformational theme today is the power of belief. Beliefs you have consciously, meaning the desires you’re aware of, as well as the beliefs you have subconsciously, or the programs and patterns of thinking that you are not completely aware of. These beliefs directly influence your God-given spiritual abilities. They must be looked at in order to have a larger impact on your spiritual powers.

Beliefs Are the Gatekeeper of Your Potential

Beliefs are responsible for the following:

• Allowing free passage of purposeful action in your life;
• Creating resistance and slowing down progress;
• As well as almost completely blocking forward movement all together.

***Be sure to contact us, if you are feeling resistance or blocks in your health, relationship or purpose. I find great fulfillment in serving my coaching clients to move massive energy forward. I can definitely help. We should talk.

The power of belief must be addressed with growing your spiritual abilities, which is why personal growth is as important as spiritual growth or growing your spiritual abilities. Your goal with changing your beliefs is to let soul-based qualities be your guide.
For a full list of soul-based qualities, see page 63-64 in “Empower Our Children” by Jason Nelson. Click Here for Online Booksellers from All Over the World.

Another way to think of being soul-based, is to think of being love-based.

1. Ground your feelings and thoughts into soul-based qualities.
2. Change your lifestyle to align more and more with soul-based qualities.
3. When you find opposition between the life you desire and soul-based qualities, under the Universal Law of Free Will, choose as you wish – but keep in mind that if you choose a lifestyle that participates with ego-based experiences, choose to view them from the soul-based perspective.

For example, your partner is behaving in an ego-based way, but you choose to be with them. Your greatest opportunity is to maintain your soul-based perspective. From that place, choose soul-based actions, thereby assuring your highest benefit and theirs.

Aligning all of your thoughts and belief systems with a soul-based compass will always guide you to your highest benefit. This powerful change in beliefs will immediately give you greater access to your spiritual potential: Spirit guides will be more clearly seen and heard, The vast Universe will be witnessed, and your relationship with your eternal soul will become validated. As a result, your life purpose will become manifested, clarified and enjoyed.

New Three® University teaches you the fullness of seeing Spirit and receiving their love and wisdom in Trainings

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