Releasing the Nagging Question of "Was It Really Spirit?"

releasing the nagging question of was it really spirit 1a0827 170 580wYou think you got a message from spirit.

You are somewhere in the range of,

  • "Maybe it happened, but maybe it didn't," to. . .
  • "I am pretty confident that it was spirit, but not 100%."

You have doubts and all sorts of reasons why it was probably not spirit. You have decided it must be your mind or imagination and therefore untrue.

This is where most people STOP.

Sinking into their doubts, maybe even thinking self-deprecating thoughts about themselves, they blow off the message they received.

Have you done this before?

Everyone I've met, including myself, has felt this way at some point in their development of spiritual communication.

The nagging question of "Was it really spirit?" can close us down, and we want to redirect our energy in a way that opens us up.

Instead of focusing on proving whether the messages are from spirit, ask yourself the most important question:

"Does the message resonate with me, and does it help?"

Since your spiritual guidance is here to support you, the support you receive is what matters.

In asking yourself this new question, for a moment, you can take spirit out of the equation.

Imagine you came across the message in a post online or a friend shared it with you.

Does the message resonate with you, and does it help?

  • Resonance means that it "rings true", "makes sense" and looks, feels or sounds "aligned" with you.
  • Helpful means that it appears beneficial.

Chances are that the message is helpful and you can see the benefit of believing it and following the advice.

If the message helps, then it helps. And that's the point.

Spirit is giving you messages to help you and even if you're unsure if it came from spirit, please don't waste the great advice! 🙂

Come back to the question of, "Does this message resonate and does it help?" And if the answer is "YES," then take action.

Your confidence in receiving from spirit will grow over time. In hindsight you'll see the benefits of acting on the messages you receive.

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