Recoding Your Subconscious to Joy and Love

recoding your subconscious to joy and love x 0129 23 580wcroppedbrightImagine your subconscious mind as a vast storehouse of every experience you’ve had during this lifetime. Layer upon layer, our subconscious mind is coded with every perception we have, starting from when we are in our mother’s womb. From the first moments of physical consciousness, our viewpoint of life is being built. Once we come out into the world, there is no filter on our mind. Our mind receives and imprints all that we witness. This greatly shapes our future experiences that we will have.

As we grow into our teenage years and beyond, our subconscious mind is greatly formed. But we have the ability to discern and filter what we accept as our version of reality. This formation process of our subconscious mind directly determines how joy and love are inspired from our interactions with the world, and how these wonderful feelings are also restricted and muffled.

For some joy is fleeting, felt only for moments at a time. For others joy is more consistent and expansive, filling each day and most interactions with people.

One thing that we all have in common is a deep desire or longing for more joy and love. To feel love and joy deeper and more sustainable is at the heart of every person’s vision for life.

An origination for suffering widely felt is a disconnection from our true spiritual existence and our Creator. We talk about Spirit and God being love, pure love. We try to believe this, that the spirit world is all loving, that our spiritual guides and God’s influence in our life is only for the highest good and benefit of ourselves and everyone living physically. But the truth is, most people, especially religious and spiritual seekers, have a “But” somewhere in their belief systems about Spirit and God being pure love.

These “Buts” include: “But what about the bad ones? But what about the trapped spirits? But what about the possessing spirits? But what if I do bad and sin? But do I deserve this pure love from Creator?”

These “Buts” and many more are lurking in the collective consciousness of humanity, meaning that for many generations these belief systems have been handed down. These belief systems sit and wait in the subconscious mind, resisting the abundant true nature of Spirit and God, which is pure joy and love. These resistant “Buts” are constantly deteriorating and grinding at humanity’s ability to feel the abundant love and joy, and receive the incredible direct guidance from Spirit.

These “Buts” must be addressed where they are located, which is in the subconscious mind. Search, discover, understand, so you have the power to transform these nagging subconscious disempowering “Buts.”

Please declare, “We will find and resolve these belief systems that have perpetuated spiritual suffering for thousands of years.”

Declare, “God is Love. Spirit is Love. All Spirit is Love, and Spirit Reflects Joy Into All Interactions With Humanity.” Believe this and free yourself. Share this with others and help them free themselves. Let us celebrate the loving, joyful nature of God and Spirit!

To help clear your subconscious blocks to Spirit and Love of the Universe, you’ll want to bring your full intuitive awareness online. It stirs feelings of magic, when we open our minds to the infinite knowledge available to us about Existence. The joy we feel from skipping through Existence with our psychic awareness is exciting. It’s also extremely helpful when we’re wanting to understand and transform something limiting that we’re experiencing.

Our full psychic potential, turned on, allows us to reveal reason and meaning behind where we feel stuck and where we feel limited. Our psychic senses can effectively navigate us deep into our subconscious mind to understand parts of ourselves that have been hidden, waiting to be transformed, and it can navigate us out into the Universe to find answers to our Earthly troubles. The beauty of our four ‘Clairs’ is they allow us to explore our infinite existence, and they guide us beyond the physical and beyond the veil.

If our subconscious programming—that begins from the first moments of our physical consciousness—is what determines the level of joy we feel, then our mission, each person’s mission, is to recode the subconscious mind to allow a fuller more expansive feeling of joy in every moment. Our goal is for that joy to grow each day that we live!

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