Psychic Power – The Engine of Healing and Manifesting

psychic power the engine of healing and manifesting iStock 000022553945 580x387Our greatest assurance of being in the highest health, wellbeing and capability to manifest our dreams and purpose, is becoming soul-based. This gift to ourselves means we are in a sustainable, constant connection with our human potential and living it.

Soul-Based Living is an energetic potential that provides us with access to the infinite wisdom of our soul. The path of aligning with this potential is cultivating awareness of our self so that we may choose soul-based experiences over ego-based ones.

Therefore, healing or transformation is simply a matter of choice,

• choosing for instance unconditional love, listening and understanding,
• instead of conditional love, blaming and proving.

From these daily choices to perceive our life in a soul-based way, we manifest feelings of joy, passion and fulfillment of our purpose in this life, because Soul-Based Living naturally reveals our deepest soul truths to us. (see Five Accomplishments® Coaching)

The path to Soul-Based Living is a journey that requires patience. Our psychic power truly helps accelerate and smooth out the path. Until we are completely soul-based, our psychic power is the engine of our healing and manifesting, because intuition will help us be more aware of the best choices to make that catapults us into a more soul-based life. We can also focus our psychic energy into manifesting and healing ourselves directly.

The engine of healing and manifesting, when it comes specifically to affecting this Physical Universe is your psychic power. Because all points in existence are interconnected and accessible with the same energy that you use to perceive things intuitively, you may focus psychically on any point in existence and affect that point. This means a truly unlimited access to changing this Physical Universe, which includes manifesting what you need to fulfill your life purpose and your desires as a human being. When it comes to physically healing yourself, the same principal is applied.

1. You would strengthen your psychic ability,
2. Focus it on what you want to change physically in your body,
3. Thereby manifesting a psychic healing on yourself. This can be applied to any living being, or to anything you want to change in this Physical Universe. Yes, you can heal another person.

Years ago in 2002, I harnessed this psychic power to bring my grandmother back from amnesia. She didn’t remember anyone. I went with my parents to the hospital. Combined with Spirit’s guidance, I used psychic energy to heal and manifest her to remember everything, even as the doctors didn’t know if she’d ever recover. Our power to heal is phenomenal!

The more you strengthen and are able to focus your psychic ability, the more impact you will have on physical reality in the form of healing and manifesting. (see Psychic Retrieval®)

Your intuitive senses of seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing allow you to part the veil in any moment to retrieve information, and utilize it to direct your energetic power to create. When we harness this creative universal force in service to our soul’s purpose, we are fulfilling our greatest contribution to all of humanity and all of Creation. Every person’s purpose fully realized serves all souls incarnate, disincarnate and the Source of All Divinity.

Certainly Spirit and the spiritual healing energy of Spirit has vast potential to directly heal the body. Especially when Spirit’s energy comes in direct contact with us and flows through us, as it does in Voice Channeling® Sessions, miracles are possible. At the very least, we are brought into an energetic reset so that our own natural awareness and healing processes can function much better.

But, the most direct power for healing our body as well as manifesting is our psychic power. The way psychic energy works is it has no direction or intention assigned to it until we give the energy an intention or direction.

Directing psychic energy with our consciousness to heal ourselves on a cellular level can literally change our body in ways that seems like magic. Indeed, this is a way to extending one’s physical life and cultivating antiaging sustenance.

Even as amazing as our potential is to cultivate our psychic power, Spirit’s impact on us with their spiritual energy is in a league of its own.

Combined spirit relations and psychic exercises give us the power to manifest our true potential and impact on this planet!

Healing and Manifesting is in your hands. Do you want to choose to be the Creator that you are?

New Three® University teaches you how to develop psychic healing and manifesting in Trainings

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