Psychic Healing – Amplifying the Energy

psychic healing amplifying the energy hts rQjq0 g0 580w croppednobookbrightPsychic Energy or Universal Energy, also known as Prana Energy, is used for Psychic Healing. This energy is abundant and can be called upon on, channeled and used by anyone!

“Energy Healers” use this Psychic Healing Energy to help themselves and their clients.

Psychic Healing is different than Spiritual Healing. Both forms of healing are similar in that they can affect and change the Physical Universe, including you on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, but they are quite different in how they are ignited, received and used.

Spiritual Healing can be called on or requested by a human. But it is up to the Source whether the spiritual energy will be transmitted to them, through them. This energy of ‘spirit’ or ‘spiritual healing’ energy has the ability to produce miracles. Miracles are true instant and complete changes to someone. Medically speaking, a miracle would produce a change in the body as though the defect was never there. Miracles bend and violate universal laws, which is why only the Source can grant them based on the highest benefit. In our Voice Channeling® sessions, natural spiritual healing energy is transmitted automatically through you because of Spirit sharing your aura space with you during the experience!

Spiritual Energy is the same energy that your soul is made of, and Spirit. It is a very special energy. Once again to distinguish, Spiritual Healing is not influenced or used by people, but can be requested by a person to be brought into themselves or another person, and that request may or may not be granted by the Source based on highest benefit to ALL.

Psychic Healing on the other hand, can be accessed, used and amplified by everyone at will. Any person can access this energy! If you are an Energy Healer or Psychic Healer or you want to be, then understand there is way more to this ability than you may realize. Psychic Healing is just one small aspect of psychic potential!

Accessing the infinite knowledge of Existence, and amplifying your psychic perceptions to know the multi-dimensional nature of Existence, directly affects your power for Psychic Healing. Therefore, your greatest tool to affect, change, transform or manipulate the Physical Universe and to Psychically Heal is using the Psychic Retrieval® process. It gives you access and teaches you how to power up your psychic antennae.

The path to affecting the Physical Universe, be it healing a person’s body or manifesting something out of thin air, is to learn and practice your intuitive development and overcome personal growth challenges. Develop yourself to the point that anything you want to know is simply an intention away, with a full picture perspective of intuitive seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing. When you have this amplified ability of psychic perception, you will equally have a strength of Psychic Healing. The two go hand in hand, truly. Amplifying one, amplifies the other.

Manifesting literally means to create something or attract something that you were not experiencing before. Manifesting is change, changing the Physical Universe. Psychic Healing is changing something in a person, so it is manifesting or creating. Because of this, strengthening your psychic ability, will also increase your ability to manifest anything you desire!

Transforming our subconscious mind opens up our ability for greater Psychic Healing. The path of addressing resistance in our mental and emotional energy fields, activates a greater wholistic experience of healing. Because, truly, all limitation originates in our mind. What nagging thoughts come in, from time to time, telling you that you cannot create, heal or manifest to your greatest potential? Address these thoughts and open up your full power!

The path to unleashing our greatest human potential is using our Five Accomplishments® Coaching system so we can energetically heal, communicate with our spiritual guides, receive miracles from the Source, manifest our life purpose and affect the Physical Universe in ways that we could not have imagined.

Five ways you can amplify your ability to draw upon and use psychic energy through:

1. Practice, practice practice…
2. Voice Channeling® sessions to increase sensitivity with subtle energies of spirit,
3. Psychic Retrieval® sessions to amplify your psychic antennae to first perceive and then use psychic energy,
4. Five Accomplishments® Coaching to transform all subconscious thought patterns that are limiting your confidence in manipulating the Physical Universe using psychic energy,
5. And understanding the very subtle difference between spiritual energy and psychic energy and the purpose of using each type of healing experience.

These five ways will amplify and power up your ability for Psychic Healing.

Let us feel this true magical healing energy in every moment!

New Three® University supports you in every aspect of unleashing your greatest human potential in our Trainings

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