Pet Psychic – Talking With Your Animal

pet psychic talking with your animal Shiloh IMG 20190426 185225Bright580x387Of all the ways to connect with the infinite Universe, connecting with your pet telepathically is fun and can be quite practical.

A Pet Psychic is someone using their psychic senses to perceive an animal’s aura, which includes their intentions, thoughts, feelings and physical wellbeing.

It is also possible that a powerful psychic can plant thoughts into the animal’s mind and aura, and even stimulate healing and balancing.

A Psychic Retrieval® Session can be used for the purpose of focusing on an animal’s aura, just as it can be used for any other psychic insight and perception. The practical applications of working with an animal is cultivating an understanding for an animal misbehaving as well as how to correct the behavior, and medical intuition regarding an animal’s illness and wellbeing. It is a lot of fun to get to know your animal better!

Pet Psychics traditionally are using their psychic insight to relate with an animal, however, Spirit Guides can also enhance an understanding of a situation with a pet. Therefore, spiritual communication is a powerful secondary soul ability to gain clear insight into a pet’s behavior, needs, wellbeing and personality. Because spiritual guides have access to the same aura of the animal and information that we do with our psychic perception, it can be a wonderful confirmation to do a Voice Channeling® Session and have Spirit validate your intuitive insight of your animal.

Combined, the two soul abilities of intuition and spiritual communication can always provide the greatest picture and depth to a situation – any situation!

Mothers and Fathers can tune into the needs of their newborn, before the child can speak. Adults who have trouble speaking, due to a disability, can be understood if the people in their life learn to communicate with them telepathically–psychically.

Almost six weeks ago we rescued our dog, Shiloh! (Shiloh is our featured photo with this post.) It’s been so much fun using our Psychic Retrieval® Technique to know what Shiloh is thinking. For instance, I was curious why he always likes to go to one side of the road on our walks and when I tuned into his mind, he told me it’s because that’s where the other animals scents are, and they leave scents for each other as a way to say ‘Hi’.

Another time we were driving in the car and strangely enough he put his head underneath my car seat. Once again, I asked him why he does this and he said because it helps him feel safer and also reduces the nausea from the car trip. We do live up in the mountains and drive winding roads!

He’s a very quiet, peaceful, Zen puppy. We even started nicknaming him ‘Om Shiloh’. These are just a few examples of psychically tuning into my pet, but there are so many instances where tuning into your animal can be really helpful.

Pets are a great tool for us to grow and evolve into a clear perspective of love. They provide support and preparation for a soul-based partner and bringing a child into the world as a soul-based parent. The evolution and journey we experience with a dog or cat, for instance, can bring up triggers and resistance to love we have in our thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

A relationship with a pet is certainly not as multidimensional as a relationship with a life partner or our own child, but it is a great way for us to begin looking at how we relate to another living being in our personal space.

The path to Soul-Based Living can take many forms and lead us in a number of directions. See the potential in every situation and every interaction as a vehicle that can take you closer to the ultimate alignment with your soul!

Do you have a pet or could you benefit from having one to uplift your life? Maybe now is the time to connect with an animal and discover what they are thinking by being your own Pet Psychic!

New Three® University training to become your own Intuitive Pet Psychic is Psychic Retrieval®

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